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Horizontal Drill Stand

2.94 (16)
Vise Maximum Mouth Width(mm)
About 65
Vice Mass(g)
About 470
Vice Height(mm)
About 57
Vice Depth(mm)
Vice Width(mm)
About 115
Distance Centre to Column (mm)
About 110
Maximum Opening (mm)
About 65
Handle Length (mm)
About 345
Hole Drilling Depth (mm)
4 to 60
Depth (mm)
About 360
Weight (g)
Height (mm)
About 490
Width (mm)
About 160
Description 2
For accurate drilling with an electric drill on hand.  base is large, non-slip, stability weight up sticks
phi 43mm/phi38mm spindle color available shape (straight)
Is a visitor assembling product.  base attachment bolt is not included.
Vice, vice bolts, washers vice, vice nut, assembly wrench 14mm, Allen wrench 5mm, attachment ring phi38mm
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Review Rating: 2.94
16 Customer Reviews
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Iron work
From Japan
On 2014-11-16 13:14:28
As there is also the other reviews, strut fixed part, there is a backlash in both the main slider and a guide slider, a total of 2 millimeters error occurs. Strut backlash, there is no problem because the distance if the low part is small, it is necessary to insert and thin shim if you use a high position. OILES two Drymet (t0.5) LFCF-1006 industrial, was used in the hole of the guide slider, although the behavior has become heavier, play was reduced considerably. Since reliable than hand-holding if this, I think I fit in once a practical range. Vice fixing screws, because the bolt head in the instructions exactly as is the way higher than vise, it is better to replace the nut down. Cheap buying no doubt that the processing and adjustment premise. There is also that sense of weight and simple device of the base comes with, money is not, but can recommend to those who have the time.
This review is about item#06753835.
Use crafted of wood crafts
From Japan
On 2014-10-06 23:01:41
Is what very easy-to-use because it is stable.
This review is about item#06753835.
Vertical drilling in woodworking work
From Japan
On 2014-09-02 18:01:36
Conventionally, had been processed and held by hand was uncertain even difficult depth vertical hold. Prices are the ones that purpose can be sufficiently satisfied with reasonable, I think I should have to buy more soon.
This review is about item#06753835.
Speaker tool
From Japan
On 2014-09-02 12:10:23
Rugged die cast Once the material as long as it was seen in the photos I arrived wondering what plastic product? In heavy and I was surprised .... Since this a low price is a big satisfaction to just did not honestly expect ^^ Was the perfect Once equipped with a long time immediately the drill RYOBI PD-12 that had been slept in want to DIY a long time! Make speakers work hard. Thank you Mr. Monotarou.
This review is about item#06753835.
Precise drilling
From Japan
On 2014-07-15 18:51:55
Because there is a backlash, there is less of accuracy error Miri, When accuracy is required, or Burokuson?
This review is about item#06753835.
Drilling to metal
From Japan
On 2014-07-07 16:07:57
This time, we used to make a hole in the center of the M5 bolts of Uni-chrome that Orekon and rusty in a plate of aluminum. But was the work put the body to work allowance of about 1000 yen, since there is often backlash, as everyone has been written, small It was the work hit the punch in and strengthened, was able to clean the drilling and split. Because helpful also vice accessory, or would place such as Well Well to monetary. However, I noticed after I bought, but is more of a nearby hardware store was a little cheaper.
This review is about item#06753835.
Drilling of drilling and processing to use small wood of an aluminum plate can be fully used.
From Japan
On 2013-07-17 22:25:37
Enough but a little more stroke you want can be used for small items, I want you to come with a spacer to obsess even more small drill if only it can not be used in small, one-touch vise will this mon when viewed from the price that is easy to use.
This review is about item#06753835.
Such as the drilling of Konpara
From Japan
On 2013-06-07 17:26:24
Product is a must have clearly exchange defective that arrived first on Saturday, but the replacement has arrived so impossible to get in touch Monotarou on Saturday and Sunday was a Tuesday the following week. Customer service that should be in how the exchange and defective for not doing on weekends is not written on the home page is too unkind. Bonus to be repugnant there is like a field do not have to self-pay the return postage. Products up and down mechanism of the drill is not is almost obtained poor and accuracy compared to the same amount of about third-party products in the vicinity of Cain. I bought I think the same and the third-party products, but a mood that broke in many ways. Does not become almost useless is led to the vice. Processing had cut the hand in the middle horribly rough an assembly. Who is better to have the assembly and the gloves to be purchased in the future.
This review is about item#06753835.
Vertical drilling of the metal member
From Japan
On 2013-05-11 11:30:30
If you do not so much seek accuracy and whether this in enough .... Since there are many unexpectedly rattle the left and right shift is scary. It is using the pre-sure to the down hole processing.
This review is about item#06753835.
Useful for simple bench drilling machine and the drill fixed
From Japan
On 2013-03-12 12:34:46
Because there is some backlash and go in terms of accuracy we need to eliminate the backlash at the crank. If Nakuse backlash, simple work was able to fully use. What useful than is where you can fix the drill. You can routers work in the flexible shaft. Price is very cheap, but ease of use is I think more than price.
This review is about item#06753835.

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