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Small Beam Sensor

This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order., Attendant upon the company name modification of the manufacturer, around 2010 October 1st to 2011 September, the SUNX brand commodity, in the Panasonic brand consecutively becomes modification. During the transition period if the brand items lettering are mixed it means that there is no quality difference.
Opreration Mode Switch
Equipped to receiver
Cable Extension (m)
Overall length at 0.3mm2 or more cables 50 (projection / receiver each) and can be up to
Output Opreration
Choose Light-ON / shading during the ON at the change-over switch
Sensitivity Adjuster
A continuous variable adjuster in projector
Emitting Element
Red LED (modulation type)
Using Periphery illuminanation (Lx)
Incandescent lamp: the light-receiving surface illuminance 3000 following
Short Circuit Protection
Detection Distance (m)
Minimum Detecting Object
Phi3mm opaque body (at the projector / receiver set distance 2m)
Stability Indicator
Green LED (the stable incident, stable light shielding when lit) (equipped with the receiver)
Operation Indicator
Orange LED (output ON lighting) (equipped with the receiver)
Storage Humidity Range
Storage Temperature Range (degree c)
Ambient Humidity
Impact Resistance
Durable 500m / s2 (about 50G) XYZ each direction three times
Vibration Resistance
Endurance 10 over 500Hz double amplitude 3mm (MAX.20G) XYZ each direction 2 hours
0.1mm2 3 core (projector 2 core) cab tire cable with 2m
Operating Ambient Temperature (deg C)
Over 25 over +55 (However, no condensation and freezing)
Insulation Resistance (Mohm)
Between at DC250V mega more than 20 whole charging part / Case
Consumption Electric Current (mA)
Emitter: 10 following receiver: 15 or less
Response Time
0.5ms or less
Peak Wavelength (nm)
Power Supply Voltage (V)
12 over 24 DC + / over 10% ripple P over P10% or less
Repeat Pricision (mm)
0.05 or less (the direction perpendicular to the detection axis)
Withstand Voltage
Between AC1000V 1min between whole charging part / Case
NPN transistor / open collector Maximum sink current: 50mA applied voltage: 30V DC or less (output over between 0V) residual voltage: 1V or less (at the influx current 50mA), 0.4V or less (at the inflow current 16mA)
Protection Structure
IP67 (IEC), water tight type (JIS)
Transmission type [side ON]
Weight (g)
Projection / receiver: each about 20
Case: polyethylene terephthalate Lens: polyarylate
Adjust driver one
Existence detector of tip parts, protrusion confirmation of wafer, work detector from crevice.
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