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Obidal Stepless Speed Dial Jigsaw

3.78 (9)
Cutting Ability (mm) Aluminum Board
About 12
Cutting Ability (mm) Mild Steel Plate
About 7
Cutting Ability (mm) Wood
(The figures are approximate when you've installed a woodworking blade attached.) About 63
Inclination Angle (Left and Right)(Degree)
0 - 45
Number of Strokes (min-1 [Time/minute])
About 1500 - 2800
Cord Length (m)
About 2
Dimensions (Length L x Width W x Height H) (mm)
Power Consumption (W)
Power (V)
Current (A)
Weight (kg)
About 2.1
Stroke (mm)
Width: about 18
Blade: B type (thickness 0.9 - 1.3mm)
Ironwork blade is not included in the set contents.
X2 unit parallel ruler, hex wrench, parallel ruler fixing screws, jigsaw blade type B (woodworking)
For cutting of wood, plastic, soft iron plate etc.
One-touch blade replacement low vibration orbital mechanism blower mechanism aluminum surface plate with dial-type continuously variable transmission
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Review Rating: 3.78
9 Customer Reviews
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Used in DIY versatile
From Japan
On 2016-07-19 09:11:59
In addition to being used in the car hobby of mainly hobby, used in DIY, such as houses and furniture. Although we arrived traced in here looking for something inexpensive with a parallel ruler, so I tried to cut several types of different materials, the impressions. [Wood cutting: the first place inferior to much to the circular saw if to cut a straight line. If the curve but I am good at, ruler is the fact that unnecessary. [Iron plate cutting: cutting the 2.3mm steel plate. It could be used without problems. What lack a little power. It would be equivalent time-consuming that it t4mm. [Resin plate]: 1.5mm acrylic plate cutting. It also could be used without problems.
This review is about item#10064451.
In DIY, building materials processing warehouse
From Japan
On 2016-07-10 19:57:58
Because narrow can be used use in the blade of 50 mm of standard equipment, purchase additional blade of immediately larger size Perhaps because, (because it is equipped with variable speed) full speed but, I feel like the power is not good enough. However, since there is no possible using only electric saw until now, jigsaw itself is such a thing to be. . .
This review is about item#10064451.
Handy DIY work of Housing and private cars
From Japan
On 2016-04-27 12:12:45
I was looking for a low-cost commodity with a parallel ruler. It did not feel that issue as well ten thousand yen or more, functional difference was probably not the stepping in this product. Takagi products are basically credit and so we use the hand tool to the other, such as a ratchet. SHUREMAN in the Amazon before buying also it was nominated on price, but very stale feeling build saw of SHUREMAN. A result, in the manufacturers that credit, there is no comparable structure also compared with the brand name, in here that is attached to the orbital function. We've immediately trial cutting, steel plate cutting, turns normally with wood. Ease of use is good. (Steel blade has a separate buy. It is all right with each manufacturer also used B type, but it is useless when the following not a t1.3mm) Only a few points. Speed ​​control SW is hard to operate for a little far smaller. • In the shipment state since the cutting edge had tilted slightly were adjusted at a right angle, but the point of inclination 0 is a little shift in the left and right. However to get there is also individual difference, but not as much as say the trouble. I've marked with a permanent marker as a guide.
Veneer is cut
From Japan
On 2016-04-14 13:09:49
It is pretty good
This review is about item#10064451.
For hobby
From Japan
On 2015-06-14 00:32:22
Blade of body accessories is painful to the hard wood Wonder if more fine for a good pitch
This review is about item#10064451.
Hollowed out hole machining (rough excl.)
From Japan
On 2014-11-11 14:09:17
Because it is not a tool you use every day, it has been used without problem in common. From the manufacturer products have from the previous, base is not firm, We look forward to the future.
This review is about item#10064451.
Wood work
From Japan
On 2014-07-25 07:38:34
Chamfering cut order to be adjusted angle could be easier.
This review is about item#10064451.
Production of speaker box
From Japan
On 2012-01-20 12:37:32
When we try to cut 9 mm wood, we go to the guide roller to skimm and bend, the straight line can not be cut
This review is about item#10064451.
Create one-off parts using aluminum plate
From Japan
On 2011-10-25 20:24:10
The descriptions of the blades to be used are only "** for manufacturer" description, it is not known whether the shape can be selected, and depending on the shape, there is almost no type of metal cutting. Blades for "EARTH MAN" did not fit this model, and accidentally purchased it. Please specify clearly what is fit to the main body.
This review is about item#10064451.

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