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Multi Hobby Grinder

3.62 (26)
Rated Operating Time
About 20 minutes
Body Dimension (mm)
About 200x120x150
Insulation Method
Double insulation
Grinding Wheel Dimensions (mm)
phi75 (diameter) x20 (thickness) x10 (hole diameter)
Rated Power Consumption (W)
No Load Rotation Speed (min-1[r.p.m])
Up to 10000 (rev / min)
Cord Length (m)
About 1.8 (earth clip)
Power (V)
Current (A)
1.0 (no load)
Weight (kg)
(Including code) 2.9
Dimension (mm)
(: 1030xphi8.5, grip: phi20 total length) fiber wheel: phi75 (diameter) x20 (thickness) x10 (hole diameter) flexible shaft
Grain Size
Shaft Diameter (phi mm)
phi10xP1.5 left-hand thread
Trial tip bit / diamond grinding wheel bit cylindrical brush dust prevention cover, wrench, spanner, spare carbon brush
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Review Rating: 3.62
26 Customer Reviews
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Polishing of metal parts, peeling paint
From Japan
On 2015-09-13 09:49:21
Broken in about 10 minutes, the electric wire from a solder poor motor of looking at the wire medium had taken. After because it was vacant for half a year to use purchase did not initial failure application. The problem part was soldered, but this machine is easy to shift the positioning of the fixed-side coil of the AC motor will be offset by one tightening adjustment of the screw. In addition to the metal frame of the contact failure to hold the brush, it to the internal motor there is a heat-radiating fins is not in communication with the outside air for contamination prevention, speed coil component of the regulatory circuit is a distorted appropriate, etc. of the problem Yes you. Motor portion and the base is a strange structure that is fixed with a bolt that was sticking out at an angle. For this reason an unstable operation, is believed to greater individual difference of durability, is the early opening, it is better to commissioning you buy. 7 is easy decomposition and there is a millimeter of the nut driver.
This review is about item#08222146.
Model work
From Japan
On 2015-09-08 21:16:14
Torque is weak. Stop and the workpiece shed a little strongly.
This review is about item#08222146.
From Japan
On 2015-03-17 00:59:49
I think that reasonably can be used to be excessive expectations. The force is weak, it will stop too rely strongly. If you think to the contrary, it can be thought of as a need in the not too sharpener.
This review is about item#08222146.
Polishing of after you with connecting polishing and Ginrou of band saw blade
From Japan
On 2014-10-25 16:31:30
Cover of the grinding wheel that you would like to be able to be easily removed. After you put Ginrou, cover gets in the way when you polish the inner band saw has become a circle. We are using and processing as easy to use on their own.
This review is about item#08222146.
Or cut to an easy-to-use hand-made tools, you can use when creating the work.
From Japan
On 2014-09-18 13:34:44
Soon to buy, move and try to turn by hand will not move even twist the switch. And it has moved a little I think I wonder if also broken out smoke, also move. Look at the situation until the warranty period I think whether this thing to.
This review is about item#08222146.
Little polishing
From Japan
On 2014-09-10 17:09:00
It was in this because rarely does not have to be used. Again for a hobby, not a more or less. Placing the switch Boone sound, not out around even in the middle of the dial. You around suddenly fast at the highest position of the front. Does not fit the dimensions of the mounting holes in the protective plastic is. Pedestal parts was in parallel by force from the put. The mounting screws in the opposite direction, has been tightened with a torque like also need shock driver. Will this mon because it made in China.
This review is about item#08222146.
Polishing of plastic and metal parts
From Japan
On 2014-08-20 00:06:31
You might phenomenon of only the individual that you have purchased, but in the initial state there is an abnormality in the spring for pressing the carbon brush, sound spark sometimes as "Chitchi'" bad contact has been heard. In addition, if there may not be rotated and does not turn on the power with the impetus to move the grinding wheel by hand at the time of use, there was also no rotation at all even if what you. Apparently the state of the carbon brushes, remove the white Puraneji of the body, a spark of the trace is found in one of the brush, spring to push the plush was the state that is not taking a clearly short tension. However, can now be used without any problem was replaced with a spare brush that came with. I have used for a while from the current exchange the brush, but there is no problem so far. Abnormally power might be resolved try to check the brush you feel weak. Because that comes to flexible shaft and the tip tool at this price, I think that it is fully satisfied with the price basis.
This review is about item#08222146.
Cutlery sharpening, etc.
From Japan
On 2014-08-13 13:48:57
Because it does not get in the way in a quiet, small size can be used in multi. Even the value of obtained many times the price at the ingenuity to be the excessive expectations. Was the anticipation of the hobby is not reckoned quite. Is also ◎ there is supply of consumables
This review is about item#08222146.
Used for processing of the do-it-yourself and the model
From Japan
On 2014-08-12 19:46:44
① For First Monotarou's, I was very satisfied with the goodness of the response along with the surprised because I received the next day you ordered. ② it is a purchase motivation, I have already Toshiba grinder and hand Ryuta is, comes with a plastic grindstone and the flexible shaft with small (2.35φ · 3.0φ axis corresponding), easy on the processing of the model so bad impression even look at it and review it was probably used to have already purchased I did not written. ③, but is a product, appearance is not so good (or have been affixed inclined label, there is no high-quality feel that has been made and whack) is quietly the best even if you are still with the flexible shaft without axis blur worried turning to the rotation, the torque is small, but told me to play a sufficient function to model processing. ④ cost performance comprehensive evaluation, including the 10-point scale.
This review is about item#08222146.
Port processing of two-cycle engine
From Japan
On 2014-06-25 06:31:37
Used as a diluter. We were able sufficient torque is there satisfaction can be processed.
This review is about item#08222146.

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