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Uninterruptible Power Supply BX Series

This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order.
Calorific Value (KJ/h)
72, 122 at the time of charging the normal time
Backup Time
3.5 minutes or more
Input Protection Capacity (A)
Starting Voltage Range (V)
100V mode: AC86 +/-4 - 114 +/-4, 110V mode: AC96 +/-4 - 124 +/-4 115V mode: AC101 +/-4 - 129 +/-4, 120V mode: AC106 +/-4 - 134 +/-4
Input Voltage Tolerance (V)
100V mode: AC86 +/-4 - 114 +/-4, 110V mode: AC96 +/-4 - 124 +/-4 115V mode: AC101 +/-4 - 129 +/-4, 120V mode: AC106 +/-4 - 134 +/-4
Charging Time (hours)
Input Frequency (Hz)
50/60 +/-4
Switching Time (sec)
Within 10m
Protection Feature
Input: Reset type overcurrent protection device overload: stop alarm output at the rated capacity or more, on an ongoing 5 minutes or more, the output droop (backup operation) power noise / lightning surge protection
If five years (long life) ambient temperature 20deg C - 4: expected
Phase Number
Input: single-phase 2-wire, output: single-phase two-wire
Output Capacity
(Both upper limit) 500VA/300W
Humidity Range
(That of the storage battery fully charged, with no condensation) RH 90% - 10: -: use environment 25 85% RH (non-condensing) storage environment
Sealed lead-acid battery: DC6V/7.2Ahx2 pieces
Serial communication (RS232C): D-sub9 pin contact signal input and output simultaneous disabled
Output Waveform
Commercial time: sine wave / back-up: Tankatachi-ha
Output Frequency (Hz)
Commercial operation: input frequency through output backup operation: 50/60 +/-1
Input Plug
3P(NEMA 5-15P)
Outlet Output
5-15Rx2 or NEMA: backup
Automatic battery check function
Cooling System
Natural air cooling
Noise Level (dB)
(The 45 following backup operation and UPS start-up) 40 or less
External Dimensions (Width (W)x Depth (D)x Height (H)) (mm)
287x287x45 (+/-1)
Power Cord (m)
About 1.8
Operating Method
Commercial power supply system at all times
Rated Input Voltage (V)
Maximum Current (A)
Rated Current (A)
OS Support
PowerAct Pro: Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions / XP Professional x64 Edition / Server 2003/XP/Me/98, Linux UPS service driver: Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions / XP Professional x64 Edition / Server 2003/XP/2000, Linux for the OS of Japanese / E
Output Voltage
100V mode:: AC100V -10 / +10 V, 110V mode: AC110V -10 / +5 V, 100V mode: AC115V -10 / +5 V, 120V mode: AC115V - Commercial operation: input voltage through output backup operation If you are using the 10 / +5 V AC100V other modes, please check t
Temperature Range (deg C)
Use Environment: 0 - 40, Storage environment: -15 - 40
Power Consumption (W)
10/20 up to normal
Noise regulations (standards compliant): VCCI Class B safety / RoHS Directive: UL1778/CE/RoHS corresponding power cable: UL Standard Certified
Height (mm)
Rubber feet: about 2.5
Weight (kg)
About 5
Battery replacement: User side can replace hot swap. Setting vertical and horizontal is available.
Stand, 3P-2P conversion plug, connecting cable (RS232C about 2.2m) x1 this software (network-enabled automatic shutdown software PowerAct Pro, UPS service driver software) vertical
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