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Multi Router Set

3.57 (28)
Rotation Number min-1[r.p.m]
8000 - 30000 (continuously variable transmission)
Unit Dimensions Length (mm)
Mass (kg/set)
2.15 (case included)
Body Diameter (mm)
Insulation Method
Double insulation structure
Rated Current (A)
Body Weight (g)
640 (including code)
Cord Length (m)
Rated Voltage (V)
Power Consumption (W)
[Flexible shaft] 1100mmx1 pieces [wrench] [9.5mmx1 pieces collet chuck] 1.5 - 1.6mmx1 pcs / 2.34 - 2.4mmx1 pcs / 3.0 - 3.2mmx2 pieces sanding band [] 6.35x12.7mm # 150x12 pcs / 12.7x12.7mm # 150x10 or 9.5x19mmx1 pieces [] Ferutobafu 25.4x6.35mmx1 pcs / 12.7x9.5mmx4 pieces / bullet-shaped cloth buff [] [25.4x3.2mmx1 pieces [axis] Gomudoramu rubber emery wheel] 22.2x4mmx1 pieces [HSS drill] 1.6mmx2 pcs / 2.4mmx2 pcs / 3.2mmx2 pieces 12.7x12.7mmx1 pcs / 6.35x12.7mmx1 pieces [diamond electrodeposition x1 unit / taper x1 unit / spherical precision rotary file [bar] cylinder (small) x2 pcs / sphere x2 pcs / spherical cylindrical bar] (large) 1 / taper x2 unit x1 pieces [wheel grinder 9.5x3.2mmx2 pcs / Orange 20x4mmx2 pieces / blue] blue 15.8x9.5mmx2 pieces / bullet-shaped orange 9.5x19mmx2 pieces / bullet-shaped orange 9.5x12.7mmx2 pieces 5x9mmx1 pieces / cup-shaped nylon brush 11.6x9mmx1 [] brush type 22x2mmx1 individual pieces / wheel type 11.9x1.3mmx1 pieces 11.6x9mmx1 pieces / wheel type 5x8mmx1 pieces / cup-shaped brush] [stainless steel brush type 11.6x9mmx1 pieces / wheel 5x8mmx1 pieces / cup-shaped brass brush] [brush type 32x1.2mmx5 pieces [cut] grindstone 24x0.4mmx36 pieces / 24x0.8mmx30 pieces / fiberglass reinforced 22x1.3mmx1 pieces type 19x3.2mmx6 pieces / pink [grinding wheel] blue 19x3.2mmx6 pieces x2 unit [abrasive] [blue] dressing Stone x1 unit [mandrel] 1.6mmx2 pcs / 2.4mmx1 pieces screw mandrel [] [x1 unit flap wheel axis with 32x9.5mm] # 80x1 pieces
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1Set 1 PMR-165 09212594 -
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Review Rating: 3.57
28 Customer Reviews
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Drilling work of the foundation
From Japan
On 2016-08-16 17:31:57
Since the center is shifted to the processing of the bit.
This review is about item#9212594.
Shine work of parts
From Japan
On 2016-06-17 17:24:36
Manual anyway unkind. I do not know at all. Usability of the product itself is nice. Because it contains a lot of bit Come in handy to have been. Power also is no problem if it is light work.
This review is about item#09212594.
Processing of casting products
From Japan
On 2016-05-14 06:46:21
Adjustment of the rotational speed is made, easy-to-use since the attachment is abundant.
This review is about item#09212594.
From Japan
On 2016-01-20 12:44:10
Work is Hakadori very easy to use.
This review is about item#09212594.
Polishing of stone
From Japan
On 2015-03-19 19:39:23
I think that the torque is not enough to, as other people have pointed out. I think there is no problem if scraping the very ordinary materials Hard thing, but I think that it is powerful enough to sharpen the (stone before and after Mohs hardness of 7 in my case) Than good if you use a very common a tool like. I think that's a good set from the set content to the router beginner.
This review is about item#09212594.
From Japan
On 2015-03-03 19:16:39
It was used to set the drill to a router, but difficult to use to swing the tip of the drill!
This review is about item#09212594.
Jewelry coral Shine
From Japan
On 2014-04-29 13:55:54
I love you so made the adjustment of the rotational force of the router is the grinding wheel and the type of wire brush tip rich. Polish carved a dirt adhering to the jewelry coral and shells have been used in the work.
This review is about item#09212594.
Jig created
From Japan
On 2014-04-08 13:02:26
Such as torque is weak in spite of writing a high-power ... but accessories have been enhanced is likely to help in a variety of processing. Satisfaction I think that high.
This review is about item#09212594.
Decoration making processing panel creation of the stay of the car relationship
From Japan
On 2014-02-06 01:07:18
Rotation weakens efficiency and torque of the motor is also trying to cut a 2 millimeters of the plate in the plastic for weak might be somewhat bad. But you have come in handy a possible Most of the processing is the diversity of accessories that are grateful and your needs
This review is about item#09212594.
Or scraping the putty that the filling of the car, such as.
From Japan
On 2013-12-19 17:41:52
To come with a tip of a variety of polishing, immediately use very convenient in case of emergency.
This review is about item#09212594.

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