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Heat-Shrinkable Tube W3F2

4.50 (8)
Waterproof treatment for large step electronic parts, treatment for wire bifurcation area, wire connection parts insulation protection
Shrinking Ratio (%)
Inner diameter contraction rate / more than 60 Change in length rate / more than -15
Shrinkage Temperature
115 deg C or more
Tensile Strength (MPa)
Before aging / more than 10.4 After aging / more than 7.3 (158deg C x 7 days)
Shrinking Temperature End (Degree C)
Shrinking Temperature Start (Degree C)
Insulation Breakdown Voltage (kV)
Before aging /more than AC2.5 After aging /more than AC2.5 (158degreeC x 7 days, survival rates of 50% or more)
Continuous Use Temperature (deg C)
-55 - 125
Volume Resistivity (ohm cm)
More than 1.0x1014
Elongation (%)
Before aging / more than 200.4 After aging / more than 100 (158deg C x 7 days)
Withstand Voltage
Before aging /AC2.5kV x 60 seconds, without breakdown After aging / 158degreeC x 7 days, AC2.5kV x 60 seconds, without breakdown
Two layers
Compatible Standard
Sumitomo Electric fine polymer specification (specification number R4-0180), UL224 (certification file No.E75077), RoHS compliant
Length (m)
[Outer layer] Electron-ray bridge construction elastic fire retardancy polyolefin resin, [inner package] heat fusion adhesive bond
[Nonflammability] Passed ALL TUBING FLAME TEST [Thermal shock] 250 degree C x 4 hours, no crack [Low temperature bending:-30 degree C x 1 hour, no crack Copper corrosion of left temperature 23 degree C, RH 95% in 24 hours later, 158 degree C x 7, no corrosion.
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Name (mm) Package
Ship pack of Mfr.# Item.# Sales Price Availability Qty.
3/16 1Pack(5PC) 1 3/16 09892915 28.08 SGD
In stock
1/4 1Pack(5PC) 1 1/4 09892924 35.84 SGD
In stock
3/8 1Pack(5PC) 1 3/8 09892933 40.32 SGD
In stock
1/2 1Pack(5PC) 1 1/2 09892942 57.48 SGD
In stock
3/4 1Pack(5PC) 1 3/4 09892951 87.53 SGD
In stock
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Review Rating: 4.50
8 Customer Reviews
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For golf cart induction line
From Japan
On 2017-02-23 04:45:26
Also in the underground it has to be used to double in two different sizes waterproof maintained. Price is also the first place that since the very deals of 10 minutes compared to the Raychem.
When the automotive repair
From Japan
On 2016-10-26 11:41:04
Are you satisfied with reliable products 1/8 will be saved with us dealing with size
Waterproof and insulation at the time of connection of wiring
From Japan
On 2016-08-16 15:36:08
It is using from about 20 years ago, but this is not a problem and may be waterproof This time, was the first to buy. Person of the site, I really size of 1/8 wanted, was in because it was so that there is no handling, of different size ones. Please increase the more variation. At the same, at the time of packing of luggage, do not bend the tube. Tsutsubure was the place is, you will not return to the original. I ask whether the long shipment of remains round.
This review is about item#9892915.
Insulation and waterproofing of wiring connections
From Japan
On 2015-11-05 15:57:37
I have been using it for over 10 years, but I think that the balance between quality and price is very good.
This review is about item#09892915.
Harness processing
From Japan
On 2014-12-18 22:59:30
Well it is a reliable shrinkable tube. Although I used a lot, I can relieve from the dealer original tube.
This review is about item#09892933.
Insulation treatment
From Japan
On 2013-07-29 16:13:56
The price is somewhat high, but I think that the use feeling is good, the inner adhesive layer is better a little thicker.
This review is about item#09892951.
Protection and waterproofing of wiring parts
From Japan
On 2010-08-31 15:04:19
Contraction is smooth and good
This review is about item#09892915.
Insulation of outdoor electrical wiring connections requiring waterproofing
From Japan
On 2009-06-26 10:43:06
Since the shrinkage ratio is about 4: 1, it is very convenient for connecting electric wires with steps. Further, good adhesion can be obtained by heating with internal adhesive, and tensile strength also increases, so that it can be used with confidence. Also, the waterproof effect by the adhesive is enormous.
This review is about item#09892942.

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