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Antisepsis, Mildew Prevention, Insecticide Paint, "XYLADECOR"

4.14 (14)
Recoating Possible Time (hours)
About 12 or more (temperature of 20 degrees, humidity of 65%)
Product Name of Hazardous Material
Second petroleum
Types of Hozardous Materials
Fourth class
Drying Time (hours)
About 24 (wood moisture content of 18%, temperature 20 degC , humidity 65%), more than three days at a low temperature and humidity (winter)
Indication of Industrial Safety and Health Law
Hazardous materials (those flammable), the organic law (third one organic solvent)
Danger Level
Active Ingredient
Wood insecticide 0.05%, /1.0-Pasento wood preservative / fungicide
Standard Use Volume
Alkyd resin, pigments, petroleum solvent
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Color Package
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Jet Black 1Can(4L) 1 #112 32746402 149.90 SGD
In stock
Eboni 1Can(4L) 1 #104 32746323 116.15 SGD
In stock
Mahogany 1Can(4L) 1 #107 32746357 116.15 SGD
In stock
Walnut 1Can(4L) 1 #111 32746393 116.15 SGD
In stock
Pini 1Can(0.7L) 1 #102 32746165 34.75 SGD
In stock
Olive 1Can(0.7L) 1 #110 32746244 34.75 SGD
In stock
Cheek 1Can(0.7L) 1 #103 32746174 34.75 SGD
In stock
Weiss 1Can(4L) 1 #114 32746411 116.15 SGD
In stock
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Review Rating: 4.14
14 Customer Reviews
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Home of the eaves, repainting of wood of bay windows, etc.
From Japan
On 2016-10-26 18:32:54
The first time, there was an uneven, almost unevenness disappeared painted three times.
This review is about item#32746165.
Painted wood deck
From Japan
On 2016-08-10 16:09:32
Since the pigment is less become translucent (thin) Please Generously pigment
This review is about item#32746411.
Repainting of the tree hut
From Japan
On 2016-06-15 17:02:54
Since there was good to use the last time, it was also used to re-paint. Painted 3 years since had passed, but there is no corrosion. There is also the color came faded, was re-painted this time.
This review is about item#32746165.
Protection of wood deck
From Japan
On 2016-02-02 22:41:22
I was used in the outdoor wood deck, but not disappear smell, the smell is to stay in the room through the ventilation, family, etc. mood is bad, we like washing of the wood deck. In addition, this symptom in Kishiradekoru Foret stage you are singing a low odor, as a result of the inquiry in there is also a complaint from an adjacent house paint manufacturer's Immediately after the normal paint (1 day to 2 days) in order to become flying the solvent for the smell, It is difficult to think that smell is the residence, also, but the smell from the once wooden deck was painted It does not get there that such stand out. It does not matter, such as day. I received an answer with. In fact there is a residence of one month or more of smell, we have a very hard time. We recommend that you do not use.
For Lattice
From Japan
On 2015-10-13 22:45:07
I always use up for Lattice for the blindfold. Smell also I think that is also good at not come decay for many years after the painting not to worry. Also it has a two-coats at the lowest in the house.
This review is about item#32746287.
Painted wood deck.
From Japan
On 2015-09-16 10:29:00
Mass of paint, really not solved clean and well to the extent that shook the can, not a patiently solved not and uniform paint in those of the rod-shaped. Because the first was used without notice, the color of the paint has become thinner. Person, it might be better to take care to use.
This review is about item#32746217.
Applied to the Mito plate
From Japan
On 2015-05-04 23:27:49
It was applied to the Mito plate. Well it was easy to stretch the paint. It's not the way the smell. Confirmation of the effect is from now. I want plus maintenance for 10 years 以持 every year.
This review is about item#32746174.
Paint, such as edge and veranda wet.
From Japan
On 2015-04-20 19:44:33
The place are painted with the same "Pinney" also, it was repainted. Finished in beautiful.
This review is about item#32746165.
Painting of Lattice
From Japan
On 2014-10-08 08:09:41
I used to paint the lattice. Since the drying fast, we did not have that trouble in the neighborhood at the smell. So volatile that when summer of hot will get quickly liquid becomes darker. Now it works while thinner added.
This review is about item#32746226.
Antiseptic paint wood deck
From Japan
On 2014-08-16 19:06:54
This review is about item#32746305.

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