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Solenoid Valve, Momotaro II) Piston System

4.89 (9)
Please attach the strainer on primary side of the solenoid valve
Fluid Viscosity (cSt)
20 or less
Compatible Pressure (MPa)
0 - 1.0
Electric current opening
Material (disk)
Materials (Valve)
SUS (stainless steel)
End Connection
JIS Rc screw thread
Before/After Minimum Differential Pressure of Valve:(MPa)
0 {0kgf} (when a coil is horizontal, it is 0.03 {0.3Kgf})
Ambient Temperature (Degree C)
5 - 60
Compatible Fluid
Steam, water, air and oil (kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline)
Mounting Position
Aspect piping can be used in mounting position from the coil on the vertical to horizontal.
Pressure Resistance (MPa [kgf/cm2])
Water pressure: 2 [20]
Fluid Temperature (Degree C)
5-180 (For hot water less than 100)
Insulation Assortment
H kind (silicon mold)
Rated Voltage (V)
Common use AC110/220 (60 Hz), AC100/200 (50 / 60 Hz)
Material (Body)
CAC406 (bronze casting)
Please attach a strainer to the primary side of a solenoid controlled valve.
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Product Options
Dimension G(mm) Rated Current (A) Dimension H (mm) Dimensions L (mm) Port Diameter (mm) Form Cv Value Weight (kg) Dimensions d (inch) Strarting Current (A) Nominal Diameter (A) Package
Ship pack of Mfr.# Item.# Sales Price Availability Qty.
15 AC100:0.2 AC200:0.1 118 63 18 Quasi direct acting 3 1.2 3/8 AC100:0.6 AC200:0.3 10 1PC 1 PS22-W 35026573 329.90 SGD
In stock
15 AC100:0.2 AC200:0.1 118 63 18 Quasi direct acting 4.5 1.1 1/2 AC100:0.6 AC200:0.3 15 1PC 1 PS22-W 35026582 349.90 SGD
In stock
18 AC100:0.25 AC200:0.13 130 80 23 Quasi direct acting 7.5 1.6 3/4 AC100:0.9 AC200:0.45 20 1PC 1 PS22-W 35026591 359.90 SGD
In stock
22 AC100:0.25 AC200:0.13 136 90 28 Quasi direct acting 12 2.1 1 AC100:0.9 AC200:0.45 25 1PC 1 PS22-W 35026607 419.90 SGD
In stock
27 AC100:0.35 AC200:0.18 147 106 32 Semi- closed coupled type 18 2.8 1 1/4 AC100:1.3 AC200:0.65 32 1PC 1 PS22-W 35026616 639.90 SGD
In stock
30 AC100:0.35 AC200:0.18 150 118 40 Semi- closed coupled type 23 3.6 1 1/2 AC100:1.3 AC200:0.65 40 1PC 1 PS22-W 35026625 759.90 SGD
In stock
37 AC100:0.35 AC200:0.18 162 140 48 Semi- closed coupled type 35 5.3 2 AC100:1.3 AC200:0.65 50 1PC 1 PS22-W 35026634 909.90 SGD
In stock
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Review Rating: 4.89
9 Customer Reviews
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Piping work
From Japan
On 2016-08-24 14:21:01
In particular, it can be used without any problem. Work also I think that the process proceeds smoothly.
This review is about item#35026591.
Use when the washing machine put the steam
From Japan
On 2016-06-07 17:08:58
It is good, except that it works even 200V even 100V
This review is about item#35026607.
Opening and closing of the steam pipe
From Japan
On 2016-04-06 11:00:29
If only the electric portion of the top of the solenoid valve, and still was good.
This review is about item#35026616.
In order to maintain the set temperature
From Japan
On 2015-10-17 00:36:17
If you are using Momotaro, I was looking for the same thing, but I bought because I had to Momotaro 2 I do not know is that the fine because it does not replacement yet, you need a quite a force in the replacement, so I think Innovation kana say if there is a stainless steel
This review is about item#35026582.
The piping of the fuel tank refueling unit.
From Japan
On 2015-03-24 19:16:25
It was a commodity to go the very satisfied.
This review is about item#35026625.
From the boiler, as a stop valve of steam
From Japan
On 2013-11-25 14:54:06
Compact, where the coils are common.
This review is about item#35026607.
Use in watering at the plant
From Japan
On 2013-10-30 18:19:22
Is the same is was good as it is there that was previously used
This review is about item#35026582.
Steam line
From Japan
On 2013-05-31 08:23:01
Since the voltage 100,200V combined usability is good. Delivery time has come in handy sooner.
This review is about item#35026591.
Temperature control
From Japan
On 2013-04-01 09:41:40
Commodity operates without problems, it could be used with confidence.
This review is about item#35026591.

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