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Eco Saver V200Eco

Gas recovery ability value is the value based on JIS B 8629 inspection standards. Numerical ability to recover is a manufacturer measured values. Numbers may vary depending on the conditions for recovery.
Room and package air conditioning, freezing, refridgrating, showcase, cars (automobile, trains) loading air conditioning, freezing and refridgration machines, ships, aircraft air conditioning, disposal, replacemen and repair of freezers and refidgrators,
Recovery System
Compressed vapor recovery system / push-pull system (liquid pressure recovery system)
Ultimate Vacuum (MPa)
Stop Pressure (MPa[kgf/cm2])
-0.035(with ON/OFF function)
750w, oilless system twin cylinder
Compatible Gas Cylinder
Float Detection method / float sensor cylinder (6L, 12L, 24L, 40L, 120L) Weight measuring system : (using limit scale) general cylinder (12L / 21L / 24L / 120L)
Matching Refrigerant Type
R12, R22, R500, R502, R114, R124, R134a, R403B, R404A, R407C, R407D, R410A, R412A, R413A, R417A, R422A, R422D, R423A, R507A, R509A
Recovery Capacity (g/min)
[R22: Gas: 200, Solution: 2290 (room temperature 25degreeC) / 1060 Push pull: 5630 [R410A] Gas: 220, Solution: 2500 (room temperature 25degreeC) / 1240 Push pull: 6700
Dimensions (Length L x Width W x Height H) (mm)
Power (V)
Operating Temperature Range (deg C)
0 - 40
Weight (kg)
Fluorocarbons Recovery and Destruc compliant product Based on the international trade and industry Ministry notice No. 139 of self certification products ARI(AIR-SONDITIONING REFRIGERATION INSTITUTE) standard equivalent products UL (UNITED STATES INSURANCE ASSOCIATION SAFETY STANDARDS) approved product
1 / 4 "charging hose, 183cm x 1, 1 / 4" charging hose with ball bulb 183 cm x 1, earth adapter for R410A 5/16 "female x 1/4" male, filter dryer, shoulder belts, power cord
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