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  • Air Filter

Air Filter UA-5455

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Even if the car is same type, there will be differences in type model and year model. So please take note of the authentic product number.
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Compatible Vehicle model (Mitsubishi)
Mitsubishi Canter (diesel) (FE) 3900 U-FE439 (4D34T1) 89.1-93.11 Mitsubishi Canter (diesel) (FE) 3900 U-FE449 (4D34T1) 89.1-93.11 Mitsubishi Fighter KC-FM618 (6D17) 95.04-97.02 Mitsubishi Fighter KK-FM62H (6M61) 99.04-2.02 Mitsubishi Fighter U-FK417 (6D16A) 90.02-91.06 Mitsubishi Fighter U-FK467 (6D16A) 90.03-91.05 Mitsubishi Fighter U-FK515 (6D14) 90.01-91.05 Mitsubishi Fighter U-FK517 (6D15A) 90.01-91.05 Mitsubishi Fighter U-FK567 (6D16A) 90.03-91.05 Mitsubishi Fighter U-FL417 (6D16A) 90.04- 91.05 Mitsubishi Fighter snorkel less KC-FK627 (6D16) 96.11-99.04 double cab Mitsubishi Fighter KC-FK618 (6D17) 94.12-96.12 double cab Mitsubishi Fighter KC-FK628 (6D16) 96.11-99.02 < br> Mitsubishi Fighter double cab KC-FK629 (6D17) 96.11-99.02 double cab Mitsubishi Fighter KC-FK629 (6D17) 99.02-99.04 Fighter Mitsubishi double cab KK-FK61H (6M61) 99.01- Mitsubishi Fighter double cab KL-FK61H (6M61) 99.01- Fighter Mitsubishi double cab U-FK415 (6D14) 90.01-93.01 Fighter Mitsubishi double cab U-FK615 (6D14A) 93.03-95.04 Fighter Mitsubishi double cab U-FK617 (6D16) 93.03-95.04 Fighter Mitsubishi double cab U-FK618 (6D17) 93.03-95.04 Fighter Mitsubishi double cab U-FL417 (6D16A) 91.06-93.01 Mitsubishi Fighter drop frame U- FK425 (6D17A) 90.03-93.01 Mitsubishi Fighter vacuum support U-FK415 (6D14) 90.01-91.05 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type KC-FK617E3N01 (6D16) 94.12-96.12 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type KC-FK618EW3F01 ( 6D17) 94.12-97.01 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type KC-FK618GZW3F01 (6D17) 94.12-97.01 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type KC-FK618ZW3F02 (6D17) 94.12-97.01 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type KC-FK627E (6D16) 96.11-98.03 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type KC-FL638 (6D17) 98.04-99.03 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type KC-FL639 (6D17) 98.04-99.03 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type U-FK615E (6D14A) 92.06- 93.03 Mitsubishi Fighter quasi-type U-FK615N01 (6D14A) 93.04-95.04 Mitsubishi fighter fire engine KC-FK618 (6D17) 94.12-96.12 Mitsubishi fighter fire engine KC-FK628 (6D16) 96.11-99.02 < br> Mitsubishi Fighter fire engine KC-FK629 (6D17) 96.11-99.02 Mitsubishi fighter fire engine KC-FK629 (6D17) 99.02-99.04 Mitsubishi fighter fire engine KC-FL618 (6D17) 94.12-96.12 Mitsubishi Fighter fire engine KC-FL628 (6D17) 96.11-99.04 Mitsubishi fighter fire truck KK-FK61H (6M61) 99.01- Mitsubishi fighter fire truck KK-FL61H (6M61) 99.01- Mitsubishi Fighter fire truck KK-FL63H (6M61) 99.01- Mitsubishi fighter fire truck KL-FK61H (6M61) 99.01- Mitsubishi fighter fire truck U-FK615 (6D14A) 93.03-95.06 Mitsubishi fighter fire truck U-FK617 ( 6D16) 93.03-95.04 Mitsubishi fighter fire truck U-FL618 (6D17) 93.04-95.04 Mitsubishi fighter fire truck U-FM618 (6D17) 93.05-95.04 Mitsubishi Fighter Defense fire engine KC-FL618 ( 6D17) 94.09-96.11 Mitsubishi Fighter Defense Agency KC-FK628G3 (6D16) 98.06-98.07 Mitsubishi Fighter Defense Agency KK-FM62H (6M61) 1.09- Mitsubishi Fighter Defense Agency U-FM618 (6D17) 94.09 U-FK415 (6D14) 90.01-93.01 Mitsubishi Fighter Mignon U-FK330 (6D31A) -94.12 Mitsubishi Fighter Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications other 90.01-93.01 Mitsubishi Fighter Mignon U-FK335 (6D14A) 90.01-95.03 < br> Mitsubishi Fighter Mignon U-FK337 (6D16A) 90.01-95.03 Mitsubishi Fighter Mignon bottle car KC-FH217GUN (6D16) 95.04-97.02 Mitsubishi Fighter Mignon bottle car KC-FH227GUN (6D16) 97.02- Mitsubishi Fighter Mignon bottle car KK-FH21G (6M61) 99.03- write bus Mitsubishi Rosa light bus U-BE439 89.1-91.09 write bus Mitsubishi Rosa light bus U-BE439 91.1-93.1 Mitsubishi Rosa light bus Light bus U-BE439 93.1-95.03 Mitsubishi Rosa light bus light bus U-BE449 89.1-91.09 write bus Mitsubishi Rosa light bus U-BE449 91.1-93.1 write bus Mitsubishi Rosa light bus U-BE449 93.1-95.03 write bus Mitsubishi Rosa light bus U-BE459 91.1-93.1 write bus Mitsubishi Rosa light bus U-BE459 93.1-95.03
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Review Rating: 4.61
350 Customer Reviews
The reviews are automatic translation.
Maintenance of Clipper track
From Japan
On 2016-12-19 20:58:06
Previously, we have sounded the suction sound in the car will was lowered degree of adhesion of the packing due had been using Monotarou brand of products has changed direction assembled at the time of inspection at the time of the inspection. Since the sound When you change the mounting orientation is no longer seems to be less of whether the original overhang sag of packing early. It did not yet dirty I bought I think to try to use the Excel of goods because that would worn cylinder and piston ring when you use this state is. The result is I do not know just fun.
This review is about item#9913951.
Air cleaner exchange
From Japan
On 2016-12-14 20:46:32
Since the genuine parts have a high price, as long as replacement. There is no problem with the quality or the like.
This review is about item#9915744.
Filters for exchange
From Japan
On 2016-12-12 21:29:45
Difficult to evaluate because it just changed yet Transparency and genuine you want to display whether there is a difference between the (filter degree to numerical values).
This review is about item#9916024.
Maintenance of vehicle inspection
From Japan
On 2016-12-12 14:27:58
Although cheesy filter that seems to have put in a car accessory store was found in the car, this product was not a quality problem.
This review is about item#9915954.
Air filter exchange of Alphard
From Japan
On 2016-12-09 19:17:18
It looks the same even or suit or seen, or shape is subtly different from, had a hard time difficult to fit the case. Do Although this manufacturer of filter is used many times in the other models, the so was the first time such a thing, received items was a mere individual differences ...
This review is about item#9912366.
vehicle inspection
From Japan
On 2016-12-05 21:30:57
The performance of the filter is mon this. However bad fitting for the size of the filter is different from the genuine. Mashi towards genuine or of each manufacturer second brand is defintely. This side of the brand is not used only cheap from the next time.
This review is about item#9914046.
Used at the time of vehicle maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-12-03 09:32:17
Amount of money is also cheap, very convenient because even need in order to go to the trouble to buy you were this. It does not change the more things and the difference that is sold commercially. Also when necessary will buy.
This review is about item#9913723.
Car maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-11-30 16:36:13
Rest assured that genuine manufacturer-specified items to be exactly the same kind of form
This review is about item#46838784.
E12 notebook air element exchange of
From Japan
On 2016-11-28 13:53:12
MADE IN JAPAN! Exchange from genuine at the time of new car. It makes you even if you firmly problem-free good.
This review is about item#46838793.
Car maintenance
From Japan
On 2016-11-24 11:04:21
The quality is equivalent to genuine. Because the cheaper price and can be purchased on the web site, I think a very good considering the time and the like.
This review is about item#9916401.