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  • Double sided diamond grindstone

Double sided diamond grindstone

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Item Feature
Do not use for other purpose except sharpening the blade of the knife. When using, please wear working gloves, protective glasses., Do not use for other purpose except sharpening the blade of the knife. When using, please wear working gloves, protective glasses.
Overall Length (mm)
Width (mm)
for dryness, moisture
Carbide, hardened steel, ceramic polishing, kitchen knife, scissors polishing, Carbide, hardened steel, ceramic polishing, kitchen knife, scissors polishing
Thickness (mm)
main body: steel, resin base: ABS
Grain Size
#150 (super-rough sharpening surface) #600, (medium-finished surface)
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Review Rating: 4.18
62 Customer Reviews
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Face repair of grindstone
From Japan
On 2018-06-04 09:38:11
Texture above the price. Although it is used to repair the grindstone, it can be scraped firmly and it can be repaired quickly.
This review is about item#05583472.
I bought it for repairing the face of the black curtain of Shapton's blade
From Japan
On 2018-06-02 16:04:56
○ First, we purchased with the resurrecting stone of Shapton two days later. · Despite asking for delivery at once, the goods delivered the next day were sent earlier. I was very sorry that shipping costs would double. I really appreciate it. ○ Misono and the stainless steel knife sharpening of Zollingen over twenty years have been annoyed and read the way of sharpening the kitchen knife of the back of the living book and purchase the wheat stones of Shupton's grindstone, blade's black curtain 220, 1000, 5000 did. · I was planning to rectify the surface by using three recommended grinding wheels recommended by the manufacturer, Just imagining that expensive grinding wheels are going to be decreasing more and more by repairing, I crumpled. - When I read various reviews of diamond whetstone, I thought that there was no choice but to share with a grinding stone because there was no planarity or diamonds immediately stood. · I met a diamond whetstone of a monotary, and the price was also cheap, so I thought that I thought that I was deceived and thought that I would buy one. · I thought that it would be troubled if the grinding stone's eyes were clogged with a diamond, and I ordered the resurrection stone of Shapton at the same time. ○ It was delivered the next day as I wrote earlier, it is where I unpacked it. · I was worried most, the flatness of the whetstone, but there is no problem at all. Planarity is accurate in both length and breadth, and numbers 150 and 600 are really good figures for remodeling. · The thickness of the grindstone was also 8 mm and it felt easy to use with a heavy feeling. · Some people mentioned that some cases are too good for a case that is too good, but I admired that it was a very good one since it is a table of whetstone rather than a case. · Because I think that it is a weak diamond surface for impact, the plastic lid of thick clear can obtain a sense of security. ○ I think that it is cheap, heavy, impressive, elaborate and a triple step abrasive wheel. I really appreciate meeting this grindstone this time. · I only pray that you can use it forever.
This review is about item#5583472.
Correction of spillage of blades of cow sword chisel
From Japan
On 2018-05-29 08:36:27
I was able to fix it very quickly. Only There was a gap in the grindstone and the base.
This review is about item#05583463.
When grinding a cutter it takes time with a grindstone
From Japan
On 2018-05-14 17:51:35
If you make it into a diamond you can easily fix the spill of the blade.
This review is about item#5583463.
Grinding kitchen knife
From Japan
On 2018-04-11 19:52:41
Compared to stone things, it is very easy to handle. Working at # 600 and # 150 is also speedy. When I have a ring, I use it carefully because it seems to be scraped when hitting the surface.
This review is about item#5583472.
Used for polishing kitchen knife etc
From Japan
On 2018-04-03 16:05:51
If it is an amateur, the grinding stone will immediately become octopus shaped and the side of the knife that has been sharpened will be rounded and cutting will stop soon, so it was serious but this product is diamond so it does not worry about that area and it is very helpful
This review is about item#5583463.
Cutlery, machine, etc.
From Japan
On 2018-03-23 20:18:08
The plane I was worried about was also patched, Check with straight edge, After that it is durable.
This review is about item#5583463.
A surface of whetstone
From Japan
On 2018-01-23 08:16:00
Used for rough grinding, medium grinding. Slip stop on the machine also works and is easy to use. Of course it was possible to fix it by sharpening when repairing the missing part of the kitchen knife.
This review is about item#05583463.
We mainly use it to correct the grinding surface.
From Japan
On 2018-01-12 09:36:47
There is a display of 400 # and 1000 # on the abrasive surface of the thing purchased. I think that this is a simple mistake in manufacturing. In terms of quality it is okay to sell items that do not interfere with product description. I hear a high reputation.
This review is about item#05583463.
Sharpening the knife
From Japan
On 2017-12-21 09:44:07
The deformation in the width direction was very strong, and when sharpened the cutting edge got out of order. Diamond whetstones can not be repositioned, so there is no meaning to purchase them. I did not confirm it because the previous purchase was good, but I needed confirmation of the training surface before use.
This review is about item#5583463.