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  • Digital multimeter with an AC/DC clamp

Digital multimeter with an AC/DC clamp Queue mate MODEL2000

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Queue mate MODEL2000
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Item Feature
EMC Standard
Digital multimeter
Measureable Conductor Diameter (mm)
Maximum phi6mm
Direct Current (A)
0 - 60 +/-2%rdg+/-5dgt
Withstand Voltage
AC3700V/ 1 minute interval
Electrical Connection Range (buzzer) (ohm)
Below 30+/-10, buzzer rings.
Resistance (omega)
0 to 33.99M (6 range auto)below 30+/-10ohm --buzzer rings . 3.4k/34k/340k+/-1%rdg+/-3dgt 3.4M/34M:+/-5%rdg+/-5dgt / +/-15%rdg+/-5dgt
Miaximum Using Circuit Voltage
[ 600V ] between line neutrals, between [ 300V ] opposite grounds
Cycle (kHz)
Current: 0 to 10 2 range auto 3.4 / 10 +/- 0.1 %rdg +/- 1 dgtVoltage: 0 to 300(3 range auto) 3.4/ 34/ 300 +/- 0.1 %rdg +/- 1dgt
Safety Standards
IEC610101-1 (JIS C 1010-1) excess-voltage CAT.III300V degree-of-contamination 2 IEC 61010-2-031 (JIS C 1010-2-031) and IEC61010-2-032 (JIS C 1010-2-032)
Weight (g)
About 210 (batteries included)
Alternating Current (A)
0 - 60 +/-2%rdg+/-5dgt(50/60Hz)
AAA batteries R03(1.5V) X 2
Outside Dimension (mm)
AC Voltage (V)
0 to 600(4 range auto) 3.4/34/340/600 +/-1.5%rdg+/-5dgt (50-400 Hz)
3400 with count back graph update display.Heavy duty design with shock-absorbing holster in pocket size. With Auto powersave function
DC Voltage (V)
0 to 600(5 range auto) 340m/3.4/34/340/600 +/-1.5%rdg+/-4dgt
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Review Rating: 4.00
13 Customer Reviews
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When equipment maintenance
From Japan
On 2017-04-09 03:54:24
Unlike the clamp meter When measuring it is very easy to use.
This review is about item#05708981.
Voltage investigation inside the switchboard
From Japan
On 2016-08-03 10:33:20
The inspection part was too big and was difficult to measure, but the item here is so easy to use because the clamp sensor part is made compact.
This review is about item#05708997.
Inspection of switchboard etc.
From Japan
On 2015-08-31 17:58:03
I think that it is easy to use if it is magnet type.
This review is about item#05708997.
Current measurement voltage measurement continuity
From Japan
On 2013-11-19 12:09:02
Since the zero adjustment of the ammeter is too subtle and can not be zero, it is impossible to measure a small current. If you contact the manufacturer, the next model is improved and zero adjustment is possible with one shot. In many cases it is not possible to use it because there is a limitation on the thickness of the code unless it is a type that opens the clamp. It is inconvenient that you can not exchange or convert because the code can not be removed.
Voltage, current, rotation frequency etc. of air conditioning equipment.
From Japan
On 2013-07-03 17:12:25
Until now, I bought about 4, but the base of the tester lead wires were disconnected. Too weak, please design standing on the user side. Also, if you ordered to replace the tester lead wire, it will take about 3500 yen to repair the tester, it will not be possible to deliver the part due to maker repair, if the reliability is low, if you find a tester changing to this, will not purchase it again .
This review is about item#05708981.
We will use it at the site of work (machine design development).
From Japan
On 2013-03-25 01:07:13
I think that it is easy to use although it has only done a simple check.
This review is about item#05708997.
I am using it for voltage and current measurement at work.
From Japan
On 2012-06-26 09:15:51
Because it is with a clamp it is very useful. Since selling I purchased several units. However, since the base of the cord is easy to cut, it is hope for improvement. At the time of sale it was possible to purchase parts only for lead wires, but now it seems to be useless unless it is put out for maker repair.
This review is about item#05708997.
Survey at the time of repair of control equipment etc.
From Japan
On 2011-12-21 22:50:10
There is a case that the current value is different from other clamp meter and the measurement result is not reliable. Since the tester lead wire can not be removed, it is necessary to throw away the measuring device which makes the lead wire near 10,000 yen just because it hurts. Even though it is wrapped in rubber cushion rubber, the measurement result got strange if I dropped it from the height of 1 m. The HIOKI tester was able to repair easily since the nail was alive although the body got slightly off when it dropped it from the 6th floor and it was difficult to use after 6 years of printing disappearance. I feel that it is quite expensive considering that. I believe reliability is important for measuring instruments.
This review is about item#05708981.
Confirmation at the electric construction site
From Japan
On 2011-07-07 12:46:03
Easy to use
This review is about item#05708981.
Measurement of factory power consumption
From Japan
On 2011-04-30 01:23:08
We measure the line of the switchboard with this clamp on the fork, measure the amount of electricity used, think about wiring to equipment, prevent excessive use, and make decisions to devise for energy saving. It can be measured without touching the metal flowing in the electricity of the wiring directly, so we can easily measure quickly and safely and it is useful.
This review is about item#05708981.