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  • Free Power, Small Beam Sensor. Diffuse Reflection Type
  • Free Power, Small Beam Sensor. Diffuse Reflection Type
  • Free Power, Small Beam Sensor. Diffuse Reflection Type

Free Power, Small Beam Sensor. Diffuse Reflection Type NX5-D700A

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Item Feature
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order., Attendant upon the company name modification of the manufacturer, betting on around 2010 October 1st to 2011 year September, the SUNX brand commodity, in the Panasonic brand consecutively becomes modification.During the transition period if the brand item
Detection Distance (m)
Sensor attachment bracket (not included)
Operation Indicator
Red LED (lights up when output is ON)
Weight (g)
About 140
Power Consumption (VA)
Less than 2
Response Time
10 ms or less
Differential Movement (Hysteresis)
15% or less of operating distance
Case: Polycarbonate Lens: Polycarbonate Cover: Polycarbonate
Noise Immunity
Power line: 1500 Vp, period 10 ms, pulse width 0.5 ?s. Radiation: 300 Vp, period 10ms, pulse width 0.5 ?s (in noise simulator)
Using Periphery illuminanation (Lx)
sunlight: surface irradiance 11000 incandescence lamp: surface irradiance 3500
Withstand Voltage
Between power source and output: AC1500V, 1 minute. Between relay-contact terminals: AC1000V, 1 minute
Cable Length (m)
2 (0. 3mm25 core cabtyre cable)
Impact Resistance
500 m/s2 (about 50G) XYZ all directions, 3 times
Operating Temperature Range (deg C)
-20 to 55 (however, condensation or icing does not occur), storage: -30 to 70
Detection Object
Opaque, translucent or transparent objects
Emitting Element
Infrared LED (modulation type)
Operating Humidity Range
35 TO 85% RH, STORAGE: 35 TO 85% RH
For position detection of cars in multilevel car parking tower, sensing work on conveyors, checking for balls in golf courses etc.
Protection Structure
IP66 (IEC), waterproof type (JIS)
Output Opreration
During light incident ON
Sensitivity Adjuster
Continously variable adjuster
Adjusting driver: One
Detection Method
Diffuse-reflection type
Power Supply Voltage (V)
24-240 AC+/-10% or 12-240 DC+/-10% Ripple P-P below 10%
Repeat Pricision (mm)
Less than 0.3 (perpendicular to sensing axis)
Automatic Interference Prevention Function
Available (adhesive attachment possible to up to two sets)
Stability Indicator
Green LED (lights up when beams are stable or unstable)
Relay contact 1 c -Switching capacity: 250V AC 1 A (resistive load), 30V DC 2 A (resistive load) -Electronic life: more than 500,000 times (switching frequency 3,600 operations / h ) -Mechanical life: more than 100 million times (switching frequ
Vibration Resistance
10-55Hz Vibration amplitude 1.5mm XYZ all directions, 2 hours
Cable Extension (m)
Cables above 0.3mm2 can be extended to 100 throughout entire length