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  • Pocket Size Dmm
  • Pocket Size Dmm
  • Pocket Size Dmm
  • Pocket Size Dmm
  • Pocket Size Dmm
  • Pocket Size Dmm

Pocket Size Dmm MR-4050

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Item Feature
Battery is in box.
Replace Method
Battery replacement Open back case cover with loosening screw. Replace with new batteries (LR 44 x 2) Set plus side up. Close the back cover and tighten screws.
Electrical Connection Range (buzzer) (ohm)
Dimensions (Width W x Height H x Depth D) (mm)
Resistance (omega)
DC voltage: +/- 2.0% + 2 AC voltage: +/- 2.3% + 5 resistance: 400 ohm / +/- 2.0% + 4.4 to 400 k ohm / +/- 2.0% +2.4 M ohm / +/-6.0% +2.40 Mohm / +/- 10% + 5 Conduction: about 50ohm or less
Weight (g)
Around 110
For repairman of electric devices. For educational material of career college.
Materials (cover)
Resolution Capability
DC voltage: 100microV/1mV/10mV/100mV/1V AC voltage: 1mV/10mV/100mV/1 V Resistance: 100mohm/1ohm/10ohm/100ohm/1kohm/10kohm Conduction: 100mohm
DC Voltage (V)
AC Voltage (V)
LR44(1.5V button cell)x2
Testing batteries, instruction manual, test leads rod
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Review Rating: 3.38
66 Customer Reviews
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Voltage check General in electrical work work in the indoor and outdoor
From Japan
On 2015-01-09 18:56:41
I just slightly wet with some rain at the time of outdoor use, the liquid crystal display unit will inside is cloudy, then display also becomes amusing even measured value, it can no longer be used at all broken after only one month . With respect to what was available three months after the purchase, the last is of much body and the lead wire, or lead wire and the lead terminal become torn. The digital sound (beep) does not sound when the power is turned on or measurement is very anxious you're using. I tried to use a plurality buy to try from it inexpensive, but it is made that not all stand to be used in a full-fledged electrical work business. The card HiTESTER of Hioki reluctantly tried to purchase multiple, but can be used without any trouble occurs that even after the lapse of more than one year.
This review is about item#07135904.
Check the like of the wiring
From Japan
On 2014-09-02 13:20:52
Or it may not operate contact is poor of the battery in the tester, poor fit of the battery. I want you to make a little more firmly.
Such as the remaining amount of the check of the battery
From Japan
On 2014-03-17 16:15:09
It was like it was over specifications on the intended use. Although system will good, direct current, even when you are not energized at the time of exchange, Why does not go to zero.
This review is about item#07135904.
Current situation
From Japan
On 2014-01-24 21:55:07
Up to the ceiling of the kitchen, it checks the status of the wiring. It is a very small size could easily work. Electricity to the thing out of touch, but, initial interest was very pleased can be achieved. If Kowarere commodity, it will buy again. I do not buy now.
This review is about item#07135904.
Check batteries
From Japan
On 2013-12-04 10:39:32
Such a product would thing called shoddy goods. Useless lack of character of the LCD screen.
Use to check the work of the continuity and the power supply voltage of the electrical circuit.
From Japan
On 2013-11-28 21:55:23
It does not display the liquid crystal is nothing to put the range switch as trying to use take out the goods. It does not go out at any range. AC voltage DC voltage does not work without leaving any the resistance range. Again reliability is an important commodity of Toka such measurement equipment MonotaRO brand I thought that it was goods dipped to take in still more. We will try to replace the failed third-party product.
This review is about item#07135904.
Measurement of the electrical relationship
From Japan
On 2013-11-27 15:31:13
It is the use of a few times a year. There is exactly the bastards. Immediately can not be used will lack the number displayed on the LCD screen. It has become a "lost harbor of cheap buying." Just had to trust the quality of Mr. Monotarou to is regrettable.
This review is about item#07135904.
Equipment maintenance
From Japan
On 2013-07-18 11:58:38
I think that it is price corresponding commodity. It would happen, but it is easy to miss have twisted plastic straps to secure the body of the goods that arrived at hand. In addition, It is also a terrible cracking sound of the continuity check. The liquid crystal display is likely difficulty visible in the dark because the gray-ish, not even in the black. I think, but ... the ginger not at this price
This review is about item#07135904.
Continuity check of code or switch
From Japan
On 2013-07-03 15:27:19
First, the button battery is difficult to set. Digital is very easy to see, the measured value to not be measured is "0" not to display. Buzzer sounds in the continuity check is not stable in terms of difficult to hear. It it was more good if with a belt to stop the opening to the outside of the cover, and listed as not open in a commercial belt.
This review is about item#07135904.
Electrical construction
From Japan
On 2013-06-14 21:05:57
It had been previously used, but I purchased again because the condition has become worse. But was not the time being in time to buy a cheap home improvement, I thought to buy still at all the difference is a feeling of use. I think that it is equivalent to the first-class brand-name products.
This review is about item#07135904.