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  • Inverter Freqrol-A700 Series
  • Inverter Freqrol-A700 Series
  • Inverter Freqrol-A700 Series

Inverter Freqrol-A700 Series FR-A720-3.7K

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Item Feature
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order.
Output Rating Capacity (kVA)
Rated Output Voltage (V)
3 phases 200-240
Ambient Temperature (Degree C)
-10-+50 (there should be no freeze)
Protection Structure (JEM1030)
Closed-down type (IP20)
Power Supply Facilities Capacity (kVA)
Dimensions H1 (mm)
Cooling System
Forced-air cold
Rated Input AC Voltage (V)
3 phases 200-220 (50 Hz), 200-240 (60 Hz)
Regenerative Braking Torque
maximum: -- 100% allowable usage rate: -- 3%ED
Control Method
Soft-PWM control / high carrier frequency PWM control (selection of V/F control, advanced flux-of-magnetic-induction vector control, and realistic sensorless vector control is possible) / vector control (at the time of option FR-A7 AP/FR-A7AL use)
Frequency Tolerance
Compatible Motor Capacity (kW)
AC Voltage Tolerance (V)
170 - 242(50Hz), 170 - 264(60Hz)
Rated Output Current (A)
Dimension D1 (mm)
Dimensions D (mm)
Dimension H (mm)
Weight (kg)
Frequency setting signal (analogue input): Terminal 4-20 mA can choose 2, 4/0-10 V, 0-5 V, Terminal 1 /-10 to + 10 v,-5 to + 5.5V selectable Frequency setting signal (digital input): enter the parameter unit M dial on the control panel by Start signal: Starter signal self retention (3 wire inputs), CW inversion individually selectable Input signal: around the burn pull multi-level speed selection, remote settings, rely on fixing selection, 2, 3 function selection, Terminal 4 input select, JOG operation selection, Shun stop restart the selection, entanglement and external thermal input, inverter driver enable signal (FR-HC/FR-CV connection), FR-HC connection (instantaneous power failure detection), PU driving external interlock symbols, external DC braking start, PID control-enabled Terminal, brake open completion signal, Pu-external driver switching, application of load selection forward reverse boost, v/f switch, load torque high speed frequency, S-shape acceleration deceleration switch, C Spare excitation, output stop, starter self-selection keeps, control mode switching, torque limitation option, startup tune Start external input, P/PI control switch, forward, reverse directive, inverter reset, PTC thermistor input, PID positive inverse operation a switching and PU-NET operation switching the external driving off and directives to the switching, DC powered by driving permit from DC power supply driver unlock. any 12 type Pr.178-Pr.189(input pins function selection) by choice. Pulse row input: 100 kpps Driving features: upper and lower limit frequency setting, frequency jump drive, external thermal input selection, polarity reversible driving, Shun stop restart operation, commercial switching operation, prevention of forward reverse, remote setting, brake sequence, 2, 3 slip features, multi-step speed operation, blink stops during continued operation, rely on retaining control, high speed frequency control of load torque and droop control, regeneration around the correction, operation mode selection, offline auto tuning capabilities, online atuo tuning, PID control, spare excitation, notch filter, simple gain tuning Speed of feed-forward Output signal / operating conditions: inverter driving in 1, 2, inverter driver in the launch directive ON, frequency reaches and vulnerable, under voltage over load alarm, 1, 2, 3 output frequency (speed) and regenerative break pre alarm, electronic thermal pre alarm, PU driving mode, inverter driver ready to finish 1, 2, output current sensing, zero current sensing, PID lower, upper limit, PID forward reverse output, commercial switch MC1, 2, 3, brakes of openness, fan fault outputs, Finn overheating of pre alarm, deceleration during the blackout PR.190-Pr.196(output terminal function selection PID control during operation, retry in the PID output during, life alarm, Ministry of power mean value update timing, current average value of monitoring, abnormal output 1, 2, 3 (power shut-off signal), maintenance timer alarm, remote output, CW, slow output, torque detection, when tuning is completed, light fault outputs 1, 2-any signal) by choice. Can output open collector output (5 points), relay output (2 points), inverter alarm code by the open collector (4-bit). Output signals / pulse output: 50 kpps Output signals / pulses and analog output: output frequency motor current (peak value or steady state), output voltage, frequency settings, speed, motor torque, Converter output voltage (peak value or steady state), electronic thermal load percentage, input power, output power, road meter, motor current, reference voltage output, motor load factor, power savings, regenerative brake usage, PID target value, PID readings, motor output, torque command, torque current command, torque monitor and Pr.54FM terminal function selection (pulse output), Choose the Pr.158AM terminal function select (analog output).
Protection Alarm Function
Overcurrent, constant speed during the overvoltage current, deceleration overcurrent during, acceleration during overvoltage, constant speed during overvoltage, deceleration during overvoltage, inverter protection thermal behavior, motor protection thermal behavior, fin overheating, momentary outage occurred, under voltage, input phase loss, motor overload, output side, ground fault overload current, output short circuit, main circuit element overheating, phase loss output, external thermal behavior, behavior of ptc thermistor, option abnormality, parameter error, pu strain occurrence, retries-number of times over, cpu abnormality during acceleration, operation panel power circuit the dc24v power supply output short circuit, output current detection value over, inrush resistor, overheating, communication condition (body), usb abnormal, reverse slowing abnormal, analog input abnormal, fan failure, overload current stall prevention, e.g. voltage stall prevention, regenerative break pre alarm, electronic thermal pre alarm, pu suspension, brake transistor abnormality, parameters for error, copy operation error, panel operation lock, alarm parameter copy, speed limit display
Output Overloaded Current Rating
150 %-60s, 200 %-3s (anti limiter characteristics)