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  • Solid-State Timer H3Yn-4 And H3Yn-41
  • Solid-State Timer H3Yn-4 And H3Yn-41
  • Solid-State Timer H3Yn-4 And H3Yn-41

Solid-State Timer H3Yn-4 And H3Yn-41 H3YN-4 AC200-230

H3YN-4 AC200-230
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Item Feature
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order.
Protection Structure
Power Supply Voltage (V)
AC200 - 230
Ambient Humidity
35 - 85%
Terminal Shape
Plug-in (Surface mounting) 14-pin
Operating Ambient Temperature (deg C)
-10 to 50 (however, no freezing)
Insulation Resistance (Mohm)
100 or more (measured at DC500V megger)
Voltage Influence
less than +/-2% (during full-scale time)
Mechanical: 10 million times or more (no load, opening/closing frequency 1800 times per hour Electrical: more than 200000 times (AC250V, 3.5A, resistive load, opening/closing frequency 1800 times per hour) at room temperature
Release Voltage
10% or less of the power supply voltage
Control Output
AC250V 3A resistance load (cosphi =1), minimum applicable load: DC1V 1mA (P level, reference value)
Compatible Safety Standards
UL508, CSA C22.2No.14, NK, LR acquisition, EN61812-1, IEC60664-1 2.5 kV /1
Operating Mode
Power-on delay, Interval, Flicker OFF start, Flicker ON start - 4 modes switchable by DIP switch
Set Error
less than +/-10%+/-50ms (maximum time scale)
Impact Resistance (Malfunction)
100 m/s2 6 directions, 3 times each
Withstand Voltage
AC2000V 50/60Hz 1min Between the terminal conductive parts and exposed non-charging metal parts ( except for the terminal screws ) Between power supply circuit operation and control output AC1500V 50/60Hz 1min Contacts between different poles AC1500V 50/60Hz 1min Between non-continuous contacts
Vibration Resistance
10 to 55Hz, single amplitude 0.75mm, 3 directions, 1h each
Time Limit Contact
Storage Temperature (DegreeC)
-25 to 65 (however, no freezing)
External Dimensions (Width (W)x Depth (D)x Height (H)) (mm)
Below 21.5 x 63 x 28 below
Electrostatic Yield Strength
4 kV (malfunction), 8 kV (breakdown)
Weight (g)
About 50
Allowable Voltage Range
85 to 110% of power supply voltage
Impulse Voltage(V)
Power supply terminal: 3 k between conductive terminal and exposed non charging metal parts: 4.5k
Operating Time Variation
+/-1% or less (with full-scale time) It is +/-1%+/-10ms or less in a range of 1s
Effect of Temperature
less than +/-2% (during full-scale time)
Noise Immunity
Square-wave noise by noise simulator +/- 1.5kV (pulse width of 100ns/1micros rising 1ns)
Recovery Time
0.1s or less (including recovery on the way)
EMC Standard
EMI:EN61812-1 Radiated interference field strength : EN55011 Group1 class A Noise Terminal voltage: EN55011 Group1 class A EMS:EN61812-1 Electrostatic discharge immunity: IEC61000-4-2 8kV air Electric field-strength immunity :IEC61000-4-3
Power Consumption
(During AC230V 60Hz/ reference) When the relay is off: about 1.5VA(1.1W) When the relay is on: about .2VA(1.8W)
Impact Resistance
1000 m/s2 6 directions, 3 times each
Vibration Resistance (malfunction)
10 to 55Hz, single amplitude 0.5mm, 3 directions, 10 min each
Time Specification
Short time period type 0.1 s to10 min (1 s, 10 s, 1 min, 10 min 4 range switching)