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  • Thrust Needle Roller Bearings

Thrust Needle Roller Bearings AXK1132

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Item Feature
High carbon-chromium bearing steel
Standard Dynamic Load Rating (N [kgf])
Outer Diameter Dc (mm)
Compatible Outer Ring
Compatible Washer
Dimensions Ea (dia. mm)
194.2 (Reference)
Standard Static Rating Load (N [kgf])
Width Dw (mm)
Inner Diameter Dc1 (mm)
Compatible Inner Ring
Dimensions Eb (dia. mm)
166.0 (Reference)
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Review Rating: 4.79
47 Customer Reviews
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Setting up a competition vehicle
From Japan
On 2017-12-24 01:31:41
People who can not buy Hi Paco's Pace are here I think that it is possible to obtain almost similar effects. Considering the expenditure, the person who was throwing away cheap things thinks about the cost ○ Although there are other spring bearing seats of the internal organs of the bearing, there are things that can not be installed unless shocks are affordable in case of using up and down as there is a thickness, and the car height can not be lowered. □ good point · Inexpensive (Although it is not the original use of the product, it is inexpensive as a spring seat of a bearing built-in) · Thickness is thin (There is a degree of freedom in setting since it is not so thick.) □ Bad point · There is invasion of sand etc inside (There is a product that makes sand using the same bearing harder to penetrate, those who are interested are there) I would like you to list similar products of the same size if there are ... · Rust caused by rain etc. (Apply grease to the bearing and take measures against rust.) · Maintenance free is impossible (Sometimes it is necessary to remove sand and garbage.) I tried wearing it by trial, but I felt the effect more than I thought. □ Felt effect · Decrease in thrusting when crossing a step (High rate may be better.) · Steering operation is intelligent or smooth (at the same time the alignment was also adjusted, so what is the effect?) □ Other - I think that the seat loosening due to the twist of the spring and noise suppression measures will be taken. (The effect seems to be big with struts) It is not a part of the time things such as the circuit etc in the city ride improvement item. It seems that taste also divides preferences. The installation was done only on the upper side, but it seems that the effect will rise if it is caught up and down. Bearings under the upper mount (under the upper seat) are adopted as genuine even by Porsche and other manufacturers, and the effect is the seal of effect?
This review is about item#05799342.
Used as a front fork of a single car
From Japan
On 2017-12-17 23:07:23
Purchased with a washer of the same diameter and set. The behavior of the motorcycle changes easily and it is interesting.
This review is about item#5799236.
On the suspension of the car
From Japan
On 2017-12-15 18:06:52
Because exclusive items are expensive here I have used it for 4 months but there is no problem for now Grease was used with less because dust adheres when painting too much
This review is about item#5799342.
As an automobile part
From Japan
On 2017-10-31 15:59:29
Used for the purpose of reducing the friction of the suspension. I am very satisfied.
This review is about item#5799342.
Front fork of Strider
From Japan
On 2017-07-01 18:55:37
I use it together with a washer. Performance is outstanding!
This review is about item#5799263.
Rotating seat of automobile spring
From Japan
On 2017-06-07 11:11:18
Considering cost and convenience, I think that there is only one choice. Part makers are also using this to manufacture expensive parts, but the effect is the same as this.
This review is about item#5799333.
Rotational aid of the fork spring inside the front fork of the motorcycle
From Japan
On 2017-05-10 19:24:02
I felt that the front fork spring rubbed against the inner tube inner surface, so I used two for the front fork in a form that sandwiched the top and bottom of the spring. As a result, the sound of Cashan which can also be taken as an omission of the subduction of the spring began to ring. You can take it as proof that movement got better. ※ This osuri sound no longer sounds by increasing the front fork oil.
This review is about item#5799245.
1992 bike custom
From Japan
On 2017-03-31 13:19:24
I put it in the spring seat of the front fork. I feel like I got better motion.
This review is about item#5799263.
Used for heavy-duty thrust bearings
From Japan
On 2016-12-23 01:13:53
Because there is no exclusive item as a thrust bearing, and since the price is high, the purchase is incorporated because purchase is high, although it is several days, the noise is also eliminated, I think that the steering also got a little lighter. I do not know the durability yet.
This review is about item#05799342.
Improved operability of front fork
From Japan
On 2016-11-24 14:45:10
Used for improving front fork operability of motorcycle. If you actually use it, the movement will be better than normal. The front fork followability has become excellent more than ever than ever.
This review is about item#5799211.