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Oilless Compressor CP-100

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Item Feature
Horse Power (HP)
Operating Noise (dB)
About 77
Body Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) (mm)
Discharge Rate (L/min)
Power Consumption (W)
Current (A)
Safety protection device / circuit breaker (3A)
Discharge Outlet
(With pressure regulator) x1-neck one-touch coupler
Rated Time (minutes)
Set Pressure (MPa)
0.68(7kgf/cm2 )
Tank Capacity (L)
Voltage (V)
Output (W)
Weight (kg)
X1 unit 1/4 plug
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Review Rating: 3.30
23 Customer Reviews
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But it is too late
From Japan
On 2017-01-13 22:58:25
7 years ago, it seems to be purchased. Crank B / g and a counter weight in about two years after the purchase was pain. Repair parts in the query to the Nakatomi is the current active duty also to come by.
This review is about item#9515816.
Blow off cutting powder such as a lathe, cleaning,
From Japan
On 2016-08-07 23:05:05
Until now, it had been used twice position one day, one day I use 4 to 5 times in succession, white smoke came out, after the motor is stopped After test, remove the cover, white from the motor itself smoke came out, than there is no originally motor itself power?
This review is about item#9515816.
As air source of air knocker
From Japan
On 2015-08-24 15:22:35
As air source to the air knocker used to pay off the powder adhering to the inside of the drying device. This useful enough if the extent of moving the one-shot air 28ml × 3 pieces of knocker every 10 minutes. Or bite off timer, and or energized with round the clock for about three days, you, but we are a pretty rough usage okay for now.
This review is about item#09515816.
Car, into the air of the bike
From Japan
On 2015-06-11 21:51:11
It was easy to use in compact. Price was also affordable.
This review is about item#09515816.
Tire exchange
From Japan
On 2015-04-11 14:48:52
Price is also cheap, I am satisfied enough practical.
This review is about item#09515816.
Lot of dust up
From Japan
On 2015-01-18 17:00:58
Fan heater in use, personal computer, and to say that the dust-up, such as a cathode-ray tube TV I think. I noticed after the purchase, the tank capacity will have increased more if any ☆ 彡. Sound, if collective housing, want to avoid the weekend of work. Although the vibration because the vibration-proof sucker is attached to the legs is reduced, compressor sound is radiated into space, Karafukashi about moped bike exits. If the tank is more greater, of reducing the compressor running times for air replenishment is rightly think. If home use about, in these kind of things, While using care around the neighborhood, and how good is the cleaning.
This review is about item#09515816.
Reserve at the time of commercial compressor failure
From Japan
On 2015-01-14 16:53:16
Otolaryngology purchased as preliminary at the time of failure of the intake for the equipment of the clinic. I saw become a broken eye actually use, "the sound is harsh in the harmonic". Further, in order to confirm the life of the spare machine, I tried to continue to use "life in two weeks." But cheaper even price, if reserved for the event of a failure, "this is also there." Added purchase.
This review is about item#09515816.
Air replenishment of racing cart tire.
From Japan
On 2014-08-29 11:09:24
About two times a month, but it was used in the air pocket of the racing cart tire, no longer work in the three months (on the order of use 10 times). I had repaired by the manufacturer, but also, in four months, has failed. (No longer stop) Shame is because One was convenient to carry in a compact. We would like to improve durability.
This review is about item#09515816.
DIY all the dust up!
From Japan
On 2014-04-03 23:12:56
First, the sound, but have been introduced on is fine sound Youtube, the size of the sound enough to say that street, bike intended to say good and idling about (in my case nitrous Super Cub), it much is is Yuyu likely. 6L of the tank: it has no end if still Yokubare, but still want more. But is hard to say is a number, 10L version is transportation, safety, other what about? Whether it Osaere to 15% in the price? Or the sub-tank of 10L? Separately or buy? When it comes it, or the taste of the CP-100 (price) is eliminated? Air Separator: not wearing from the beginning i wonder why? Purchased separately run up eventually parts fee, from the beginning because the necessary parts after all In places it shipped want? A feeling of use: blows in 4kpa more Yuki in the blink of an eye no longer tank, hanging restart, it will be noisy thing. (Laughs: I noisy do not really like) The blink, than do not have one minute? Failure is I do not know because it does not use only two days, me holding up as It is up to that hope. Once you bought I think if 20 lines and buy a single 300 yen to 400 yen air duster, because this is a product, throughout the year, I think it is okay even one if you like cleaning. To clean the "home of the vacuum cleaner" was I think good. that's all
This review is about item#09515816.
Air pressure regulator
From Japan
On 2013-12-30 17:03:05
Cheapness of price, was purchased by the fact that small. 1 month started to have abnormal noise from the motor in a month to use, it has become stuck finally. The sound is still large when compared with those of a notch. Will change is such as durability by the intended use, but I would like to refrain from future here compressors.
This review is about item#09515816.