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Scotch Super Strong Double-Sided Tape Premier Gold, Versatile,
ThreeM 3M
6.63 - 7.78 SGD
Purpose: Versatile (for indoor use) For gluing colorbox curtain Rails, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 32, Adhesive: Special acrylics system, Tape Thickness (mm): 1.1, Tape Length (m): 1.5, Base Material: Acrylic foam, Operating Temperature Range (deg C): -20 - 90, Color: White
Category Tapes > Double Sided Tapes
Pioline Protective Adhesive Tape Y-09-GR
2.91 - 179.90 SGD
Tensile Ductility (%): 15, Tensile Strength (50 mm /N ): 280, Tuck (ball No.): 12, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.16, Extensibility (%): 15, Tape Length (m): 25
Category Tapes > Curing tape
Masking tape for Vehicles Coating, "Kabuki S"
Kamoi Kakoshi
6.08 - 7.53 SGD
Purpose: vehicle. for construction paint application, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 2.07, Tensile Strength (N/15mm): 43.6, Adhesive: Acrylic, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.1, Extensibility (%): 3.0, Tape Length (m): 18, Base Material: Japanese paper, Color: Yellow
Category Tapes > Masking Tape
Fluoroplastic Adhesive Tape, "NITOFLON No. 903UL"
Nitto Denko
18.02 - 639.90 SGD
Extensibility (%): 220, Base Material: PTFE, Color: Gray
Category Tapes > Fluorine Resin Tape
Anti Slip Tape
14.85 - 15.44 SGD
Adhesive Force (N/25mm): 6.6, Adhesive: PMMA (acrylic), Tape Thickness (mm): 1.5, Tape Length (m): 2, Tape Width (mm): 50
Category Tapes > Non-slip tape
Conductive Copper Tape
Maxell Sliontec
40.00 - 80.09 SGD
Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 62.7, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 4.7, Base Material Thickness (mm): 0.035, Adhesive: Acrylic with a conductive, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.08, Tape Length (m): 20, Base Material: Rolled copper foil, Operating Temperature Range (deg C): -10 to 130, Color: Bronze
Category Tapes > Metal Tapes
Fluoroplastic-impregnated Glass-cloth Adhesive Tape, "NITOFLON No.973UL-S"
Nitto Denko
23.44 - 539.90 SGD
Purpose: Coils, motors, lead wire heat-resistant bond. Release type laminate roll wrapping. Heat-sealing heat-resistant mold release. Printing presses, copier paper slip. Hopper and shooter lining. Heat-resistant masking., Tensile Strength (N/19mm:Reference Value): 240, Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 126.3, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 3.58, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.13, Extensibility (%): 250
Category Tapes > Fluorine Resin Tape
Nitto Double-Sided Adhesive Tape No.523
Nitto Denko
8.87 SGD
Purpose: Securing carpets, adhering terminals and connections. Temporary panel joint for construction. Securing display boards, name plates. Securing wire protectors, Holding Power (min): 155, Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 74, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): (one side)4.44 (2 Sides)5.56, Adhesive: Rubber type, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.55, Extensibility (%): 12, Tape Length (m): 15, Base Material: Non-musline cloth, Tape Width (mm): 25, Weight (g): 300, Color: Cream, TRUSCO Part Number: 126-5385, Specification: Able to cut with hand
Category Tapes > Double Sided Tapes
Vinyl Tape 117 For Electric Insulation
ThreeM 3M
5.89 - 21.15 SGD
Insulation Breakdown Voltage (kV/mm): 25, Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 25, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.2, Extensibility (%): 180, Specification: Lead-free
Category Tapes > Plastic tape
Waterproof Sealing Tape for Window and Sash
11.10 - 22.00 SGD
Purpose: Doors and windows for air-tight seal As auxiliary material for airtight sheet Outlet and switch box, ventilation and inspection hole airtight Clearance, such as various types of housing equipment, car audio, covering vibration mitigation, Release Paper: Available, Tensile Strength (N/cm2): 8.0, Adhesive Force (N/20mm): 9.2, Adhesive: Acrylic type, Tape Thickness (mm): 5, Tape Length (m): 10, Base Material: EPDM, Color: Black
Category Tapes > Gap tapes and Water removing tapes
Filament Tape
Maxell Sliontec
13.66 - 1,369.90 SGD
Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 320.0, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 4.65, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.17, Tape Length (m): 50, Base Material: Polyester film + polyester yarn
Category Tapes > Filament Tapes
Anti-Slip Adhesive Tape for Outdoor
20.49 - 73.26 SGD
Tensile Strength (kgf/25mm): 6.0, Adhesive Power (g/25mm): 1500, Extensibility (%): 25, Base Material: Aluminum foil, Tape Width (mm): 50
Category Tapes > Non-slip tape
Fluororesin Adhesion Tape ASF-110FR
Chukoh Chemical Industries
19.30 - 259.90 SGD
Tape Length (m): 10
Category Tapes > Fluorine Resin Tape
High Pressure Insulating Tape, F-CO Tape  No.2
Furukawa Electric
5.48 SGD
Purpose: Electrical insulation tape for electricity from100 V to 33 kV. High-voltage power cables and wires terminal handling processing and Insulate the connection Repair the damaged portion of High-voltage power cables and the insulator. Insulated wire , Adhesive Force (N/20mm): 30, Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 4.0, Adhesive: Isobutylene-isoprene rubber, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.5, Extensibility (%): 450, Tape Length (m): 10, Base Material: Polyethylene film, Tape Width (mm): 20, Color: Black, Type: With no separators
Category Tapes > Plastic tape
Removable And Strong  Double-Faced Tape No.5000Ns
Nitto Denko
3.73 - 18.59 SGD
Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 20, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 8.55, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.16, Tape Length (m): 20
Category Tapes > Double Sided Tapes
Slion Waterproof Double-sided Adhesive Tape 5931
Maxell Sliontec
13.12 - 549.90 SGD
Purpose: Various types of waterproofing and exterior wall coverings provisional stop waterproof, for sheet metal working., Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 9.8, Tape Thickness (mm): 1
Category Tapes > Butyl Tape, Acrylic Tape, Joining Tape
Tape Dispenser
679.90 SGD
Tape Length Setting Range (mm): 30 - 999, Adapter Tape Width (mm): 7 to 50, Adapter Tape External Diameter (phi mm): 180, Body Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) (mm): 137x249x156, Tape Width (mm): 7 - 50, Power Consumption: 18W, Power: AC100V, Weight (kg): 2.6, Specification: 3-digit LED size display, auto feed function
Category Tapes > Tape Cutters
3M Ptfe Tape 5490
ThreeM 3M
44.44 - 379.90 SGD
Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 33.3, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 2.55, Adhesive: Silicone based, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.09, Operating temperature Limits: -54 - 200deg C, Base Material: PTFE (fluorine resin), Color: Brown
Category Tapes > Special Purposes
P-Cut Tape No. 4140
Teraoka Seisakusho
2.65 - 159.90 SGD
Tensile Strength (N/25mm): 100, Elongation (%): 16, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.155
Category Tapes > Curing tape
Heat-Resistant Glass Cloth Tape
56.78 SGD
AS ONE Part Number: 1-6533-01, Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 323, Incombustibility: UL Standard E20392, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 6.5, Heat-Resistant Temperature (deg C): 205 (3 hours) and 200 (continousl), Insulation Resistance (Mohm): 1500, Adhesive: Silicone based, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.191, Extensibility (%): 8.8, Tape Length (m): 33, Base Material: Glass cloth, Tape Width (mm): 25.4
Category Tapes > Special Purposes
3M Masking Tape No.243J Plus
ThreeM 3M
5.96 - 76.58 SGD
Purpose: Automotive paint. For sealing , Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 28.6, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 1.06, Heat-Resistant Temperature (deg C): 120 (Standard / 1 hour), Elongation (%): 5 (at the time of a fracture), Tape Thickness (mm): 0.08, Tape Length (m): 18, Color: Yellow
Category Tapes > Masking Tape
Scotch Tape Super Strong Double-Sided Tape For Rough Surface Materials
ThreeM 3M
20.26 SGD
Caution: Not available on ; soft PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, soft rubber, silicone, fluororesin surface, sand, spheres, foamed concrete, blocks, and in places where paint is easy to peel and those that are always flooded., Purpose: Fits uneven surfaces and rough surfaces easily, bonding of plywood, veneers and mortars etc. Plywood, lumber, veneer boards, tiles, mortars, glass, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 23, Adhesive: Acrylic system, Tape Thickness (mm): 1.2, Tape Length (m): 10, Base Material: Acrylics high soft form, Tape Width (mm): 19, Operating Temperature Range (deg C): -20 - 90, Weight (g): 235
Category Tapes > Double Sided Tapes
Reflective Tape
L Nissho
14.21 SGD
Adhesive Force (N/25mm): 16, Adhesive: Acrylic, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.12, Tape Length (m): 10, Base Material: PET film, Tape Width (mm): 20
Category Tapes > Fluorescent tape and Phosphorescent tape
Ceramic Tape
97.95 - 179.90 SGD
Moment Use Temperature (deg C): 900, Tape Thickness (mm): 2, Tape Length (m): 30, Operating Temperature Range (deg C): Up to 400, Material: 5 - 15% 15 - 20% glass fibers 65 - 75% organic fibers ceramic fibers, Specification: Adhesiveless
Category Tapes > Glass and Ceramic Tapes
Adhesive Tape Fluororesin Glass Cloth Base Material AGF-100FR
Chukoh Chemical Industries
22.16 - 239.90 SGD
Category Tapes > Fluorine Resin Tape
Duct Tape
13.85 SGD
Tape Thickness (micro m): 180, Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 36, Adhesive Power (N/10mm): 4.1, Heat-Resistant Temperature (deg C): 65, Adhesive: Rubber-based, Extensibility (%): 18, Tape Length (m): 50, Base Material: Polyethylene-coated cloth, Tape Width (mm): 48
Category Tapes > Sealing Tapes
Sealing Tape
2.92 - 43.69 SGD
Tape Length (m): 2, Base Material: EPDM foam, Color: Black, Material: EPDM foam
Category Tapes > Gap tapes and Water removing tapes
Heat Resistant Aluminum Foil Adhesive Tape
Maxell Sliontec
42.08 - 1,599.90 SGD
Purpose: Sealing joint for high temperature piping and ducts. Repair of automobile mufflers and exhaust pipes., Adhesive: Silicone based, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.1, Tape Length (m): 20, Base Material: Aluminum foil
Category Tapes > Metal Tapes
Safety Walk SWB Anti Slip Tape
ThreeM 3M
22.62 - 32.99 SGD
Purpose: For stone, tile, and metal stairs, etc. For entrances. For ladders and stepladders., Material (reverse side): Backing paper: liner paper, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.8, Abrasive Grain: Surface: Stone, Tape Length (m): 4.5, Operating Temperature Range (deg C): -20 - 60, Type: Roll type (outdoor type), Color: Black
Category Tapes > Non-slip tape
Paper Tape
Sekisui Jushi
2.66 SGD
Adhesive Force (N/15mm): 2.8, Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 45, Adhesive: Rubber-based, Tape Thickness (mm): 0.105, Tape Length (m): 15, Base Material: Pulp, Tape Width (mm): 15, Color: Beige, TRUSCO Part Number: 391-3970
Category Tapes > Filament Tapes

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