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Measuring Instrument

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Static Electricity Measuring Instrument, STATIRON
Shishido Electrostatic
859.90 SGD
Operating Temperature (degree C): 0 - 40, Polar Display: Polarity +, - polarity display, Measurement Potential Range: Normal mode / 10V - 19.99kV IB mode / 1V - 1999V, Detection Method: (Signal) vibrating chopper, Measuring Distance Adjustment: (The focal point of the light mark distance 30mm) red LED light focused, Measuring Distance (mm): (Detector between the object to be measured) 30, Body Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) (mm): 68x22x138, Mode Switching: Switch in the MODE button, Display Part: Backlight built-in LCD display, Angle (Degree): (Hold for each 45 degree) (head rotation angle) 180, Power (V): DC9 (alkaline corner type batteries), Weight (g): (Including battery) 230, Specification: Data update frequency / 1 time per 0.5 sec Battery check / Level indicated on display uni...
Category Measuring Instrument
Static Measuring Instrument
899.90 SGD
Purpose: Static Eraser performance daily confirmation. Static electricity charging point detection. Inspect charging level. Static eraser setting point searching and effect inspection., 2014 TRUSCO Published Page: 1-2348 Maker Recomendation, Using Humidity (% RH): 80 or less, Response Speed: Within 1 second, Measurement Pricision (%): + 10 (indicated value), Measuring Distance (mm): 25+/-0.5, Power Supply Voltage (V): (One 006P battery) DC9, Allowable Temperature (degreeC): 0 to 50, Dimension (Length L x Width W x Thickness) (mm): 123x70x25, Weight (g): (Including batteries), body / 140 ion balance measurement for plate / 30, Measuring Range: Charge potential /+/-0 to +/-1.50kV(LO range), +/- 1.0 to +/- 22.0kV (HI range), ion balance / 0 to +/- 220V, TRUSCO Part Number: 452-2338, Accessori...
Category Measuring Instrument
Static Locator
Operating Envrionment: 0 - 40 deg C / 20 - 90% RH, Display Range: Response time: 0 - +/- 19.9kV (minimum display unit 0.1kV) / 0.5 seconds, Power Supply Voltage (V): DC6 (AA batteries 4 pcs.), Depth (mm): 102, Height (mm): 51, Width (mm): 43, TRUSCO Part Number: 371-5027
Category Measuring Instrument