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  1. Tong for Beaker
    AS ONE Tong for Beaker
    Overall Length (mm)  330  As ONE Part Number  6-451-02 
    from S$139.90
    Min. 4 days
  2. AT beaker sandwich
    KENIS AT beaker sandwich
    Suitable Beaker Capacity (mL)  100~1000  Overall Length (mm)  300  Material  Stainless steel 
    from S$329.90
    Min. 6 days
  3. Beak tongs
    KENIS Beak tongs
    Suitable for  For 100-1000mL 
    from S$279.90
    Min. 11 days
  4. Beaker scissors
    NARIKA Beaker scissors
    Can support beakers from 100 mL to 500 mL.
    Overall Length (mm)  330  Material  Stainless steel 
    from S$319.90
    Min. 6 days
  5. AT type beaker sandwich
    Tokyo Glass Kikai (TGK) AT type beaker sandwich
    It is possible to grab a small object such as a crucible at the tip and a cylindrical object at the part with rubber. The 600 mm has an auxiliary handle attached to the fulcrum so that heavy objects can be easily picked up.
    Overall Length (mm)  320 
    from S$279.90
    Min. 5 days
  6. Beaker sandwich
    Hammacher Beaker sandwich
    Silicon coating.
    Overall Length (mm)  260  Suitable Beaker Capacity (mL)  200 to 2000 (up to Φ135mm)  Material  WIRONIT (18-12 stainless steel) 
    from S$119.90
    Min. 6 days
  7. Fine beaker massaging 290mm
    Tokyo Glass Kikai (TGK) Fine beaker massaging 290mm
    With non-slip heat-resistant and chemical-resistant rubber (neoprene) on the sandwiched part. A 200-500 ml beaker can be inserted.
    Material  SUS304  Overall Length (mm)  290  TGK Part No.  524-50-12-01 
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7 Item(s)

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