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  1. LP jacket cover
    NAGAOKA LP jacket cover
    It strongly protects your precious record jacket from scratches and dust. Since there is no welded part (skirt) on the bottom of the cover due to special processing, the storability has also been improved. It is a size that can store a double-page spread jacket. * Depending on the shape of the do... Read More
    Thickness (μm)  100  Material  PP  Dimensions, Width x Length (mm)  325×325 
    from S$17.99
    Min. 2 days
  2. LP record inner bag
    NAGAOKA LP record inner bag
    It is treated with a special antistatic treatment to prevent dust and dirt from getting on due to static electricity, and it is also difficult to cling to when putting in and taking out records. Made in Japan with reliable quality, it has been used by analog record lovers all over the world for m... Read More
    from S$32.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Level
    audio-technica Level
    A high-performance spirit level with precision processing that is ideal for audio equipment. Accurate horizontal adjustment is possible when installing the turntable. Machined aluminum housing. How to use: Place it in the place where you want to check the level. When the bubbles become concentric... Read More
    Housing  Aluminum block cutting  Outer Dimensions (mm)  Φ37×17 
    from S$44.99
    Min. 5 days
  4. Strobe corp
    audio-technica Strobe corp
    A stroboscope that checks the rotation speed of the turntable. For 33-1 / 3, 45 rotations, 50Hz / 60Hz compatible. With overhang gauge from 10 to 20 mm. How to use the stroboscope Place this product on the spindle of the turntable and rotate it at the speed you want to check. Illuminate the produ... Read More
    Material  PC  Outer Diameter (Φmm)  Φ104  Mass (g)  About 8 
    from S$26.99
    Min. 5 days
  5. Stroboscope AT6181DL
    audio-technica Stroboscope AT6181DL
    High-visibility yellow LED strobe light indicates rpm error In addition to 33-1/3 rpm and 45 rpm, you can check the 78 rpm special light emission pattern Comes with a convenient overhang gauge
    Outer Diameter (Φmm)  104  Dimensions, H x W x D (mm)  115×32×19  Frequency (Hz)  33-1/3/45 rpm: 120, 78 rpm: 234  Mass (g)  About 35  Battery Life (Continuous Use)  About 8  Rotation Speed  Compatibility: 33-1/3, 45, 78 RPM 
    from S$199.90
    Min. 5 days
  6. NAGAOKA record spray
    NAGAOKA NAGAOKA record spray
    Set Contents  Packing x 2, screw protection parts x 2 
    from S$17.99
    Min. 5 days
  7. Japanese paper reversible turntable sheet
    TEAC Japanese paper reversible turntable sheet
    Japanese paper that is hard to be charged is used to make it easier to remove dust from vinyl records. The core material of the cloud flow paper, which has a beautiful and unique transparent pattern, suppresses warpage due to humidity and uses stone paper with an appropriate mass. Reversible spec... Read More
    Outer dimensions, Width W x Height H x Depth D (mm)  300×300×1  Mass (g)  About 44  Type  Full size turntable sheet 
    from S$74.99
    Min. 6 days
  8. Disc stabilizer
    audio-technica Disc stabilizer
    The record board is firmly fixed to the turntable. Suppresses unnecessary resonance and improves sound quality.
    Mass (g)  600  Outer Dimensions (mm)  Φ80×29 
    from S$68.99
    Min. 5 days
  9. Cartridge lead wire AT6108
    audio-technica Cartridge lead wire AT6108
    Cartridge lead wire (Φ0.12mm x 29 lines) that uses 6N-OFC. Titanium blended sheath that improves the damping effect. Uses a gold-plated lead tip.
    from S$64.99
    Min. 6 days
  10. NAGAOKA cross
    Achieves high water absorption and adsorption power with a custom-made knit structure woven with ultra-fine fibers. Laser processing minimizes self-dusting from the cut surface of the cloth body. (How to use) Spray the record cleaning liquid or SPW01 (sold separately) on the cloth, fold it to an ... Read More
    Mass (g/sheet)  10  Dimensions (cm)  23×23 
    from S$9.19
    Min. 5 days
  11. NAGAOKA Record Cleaner
    NAGAOKA NAGAOKA Record Cleaner
    A WET cleaner for vinyl records that uses a special velvet for the long-selling Argent. Can also be used as a cleaning brush in combination with CLP01. WET type for wet wiping only, so dry wiping is not possible (How to use) Spray cleaning liquid (SPW01 etc. sold separately) on the Argent body, b... Read More
    Mass (g)  40 (including storage case)  Dimension (mm)  90 
    from S$19.99
    Min. 5 days
  12. Record cleaning kit
    ION AUDIO Record cleaning kit
    A record cleaner that removes dust and dirt from vinyl records in just a few seconds. Velvet cleaning pad with wooden handle. An easy-to-grip and comfortable grip that makes it easy to clean any vinyl record. A special cleaning solution that restores the best condition of vinyl records. Easy-to-u... Read More
    from S$29.99
    Min. 7 days
  13. Stylus cleaner AT617a
    audio-technica Stylus cleaner AT617a
    Uses polyurethane gel that is ideal for needle tip cleaning Maintains constant adhesive strength for a long period of time after washing with water
    Diameter x Length (Φmm x mm)  37.5×17  Mass (g)  About 20  Material  Polyurethane gel 
    from S$56.99
    Min. 6 days
  14. NAGAOKA EP Jacket Cover
    With a thickness of 100μ, you can protect your precious record jacket from scratches and dust. Since there is no welded part (skirt) on the bottom of the cover due to special processing, it has excellent storability.
    Thickness (μm)  100  Dimensions (Width W x Height H) (mm)  190×190  Material (Main Unit)  PP 
    from S$8.69
    Min. 5 days
  15. NAGAOKA spray cleaning set
    NAGAOKA NAGAOKA spray cleaning set
    This product is a set of the record cleaning brush "Argent" and the record cleaning spray "Clear Tone 558" sold by the company. The spray is a small can with a smaller content for the set than the conventional product. The record has static electricity and dust on the surface ... Read More
    from S$29.99
    Min. 5 days
  16. Tonearm Safety Razor AT6006R
    audio-technica Tonearm Safety Razor AT6006R
    Mass (g)  About 21  Movable range (mm)  Lift bar movable width: 3  Included Accessories  Spacer x 2, double-sided tape x 4 
    from S$199.90
    Min. 5 days
  17. Record Clinica AT6086
    audio-technica Record Clinica AT6086
    Strongly assists in cleaning analog records. Please use it before DJ scratching. *Please prepare a commercially available dry record cleaner to wipe your records. Please read the instruction manual as well.
    from S$13.99
    Min. 6 days
  18. Record cleaner VPI HW165
    VPI Record cleaner VPI HW165
    vacuum record cleaner
    from S$2,399.00
    Min. 6 days
  19. NAGAOKA record label protector
    NAGAOKA NAGAOKA record label protector
    By sandwiching the record label from both sides with protectors and tightening it with screws, you can protect your important record label from water and wash the record. A rubber packing is attached to the circumference of the protector, and a rubber sheet is attached to the periphery of the scr... Read More
    Diameter (Φmm)  118  Mass of Main Unit (g)  175  Thickness (mm)  5.7  Material  Acrylic 
    from S$23.99
    Min. 5 days
  20. NAGAOKA Record Cleaner
    NAGAOKA NAGAOKA Record Cleaner
    We will upgrade and renew the standard record cleaner "Argent", which has a history of more than half a century since its release. By reviewing the velvet on the cleaning surface and newly using a high-density woven velvet that is optimal for the sound groove of the record board, the cl... Read More
    from S$17.99
    Min. 5 days
  21. Analog Access AT6003R
    audio-technica Analog Access AT6003R
    Up to 3 cartridges with headshells can be stored. Compatible with double lock pin type headshells. Stable installation with rubber feet. Capsules with slits easily accommodate the fingers of the head shell.
    from S$39.99
    Min. 6 days
  22. Record cleaner Argent 118
    NAGAOKA Record cleaner Argent 118
    Cleaner for analog records. A must-have long-selling product for analog fans.
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