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NEW Aozora Middle Roller

"NEW Aozora" is an epoch-making series created by Marute Otsuka, a pioneer of roller development, over the history of roller development for 50 years. It flexibly supports a wide range of paints, from water-based paints to solvent-based paints, and achieves a beautiful silky-textured finish and excellent workability.
The roller mark is fine and beautiful.
Achieves a high-quality coating film with extremely little hair loss and foam generation.
Very little paint scattering (sputtering), ideal for work on ceilings, eaves, etc.
Solvent resistant design that is widely used from architectural painting to heavy corrosion protection painting.
High stickiness
Bristle Length (mm):  12
Roller Size (inch):  7
Type:  7M-CO
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards.
Some products may not meet the standards of your item.
Please check the specification carefully before you order.
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143520 0007
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Min. 6 days
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    Mfr #: 143520 0007

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