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Solder removal machine

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Ideal for lead-free solder removal A compact and multifunctional solder removal tool that can remove SMD parts with an integrated solder removal machine that has a motor, diaphragm vacuum pump, and chip temperature control circuit built into the iron section.
Achieves low vibration and low noise because the mechanical part has a floating structure. There is no pattern peeling or disconnection.
Since the pump and suction nozzle are directly connected, a quick vacuum arrival time and instant strong suction (vacuum arrival degree 650 mmHg) are realized. Moreover, since it uses a high-power (100V / 100W) large-capacity ceramic heater, it removes solder from multilayer boards (4 to 8 layers).
Mass (g):  420 (Excluding code)
Setting Temperature (℃):  350-500 (continuous possible)
Type of Control:  Feedback zero cross method
pump power consumption:  120W
Exhaust Air (L):  15 / min (at OPEN)
Pump:  Diaphragm method
Time to Reach Maximum Pressure:  0.2 seconds
Ultimate Vacuum:  650mmHg
Heater:  100W ceramic
Power Cable (m):  2P cord (grounding type) 1.8m
Power Input (V):  AC100(50/60Hz)
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