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Aluminum brazing rod featured products

  1. Brazing Material with Flux
    Shinfuji Burner Brazing Material with Flux
    A wax material that can easily join metals. For brazing dissimilar metals.
    Length (mm)  300 
    from S$10.99
    Min. 2 days
  2. All-purpose solder
    Shinfuji Burner All-purpose solder
    The working temperature is low, suitable for beginners. With 5g of flux
    Operating Temperature (℃)  220  Wire diameter (mm)  Trusco Part No.  376-9208  Length (mm)  300 
    from S$17.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Air duster lever type, hanging type, plug type
    TRUSCO Air duster lever type, hanging type, plug type
    The air mounting port can be mounted from two directions, up and down. For general dust work.
    Maximum Operating Pressure  1.0  Air Nozzle Port  1/4 plug  Overall Length (mm)  110  Nozzle Diameter (Φmm)  Mass (g)  234  Nozzle Length (mm)  24  Trusco Part No.  276-0274  Compressed Air Connection  G1/4  Nozzle Connection  G1/8  Type of Connection  Plug 
    from S$32.99
    Min. 2 days
  4. Industrial endoscope with LCD monitor
    STS Industrial endoscope with LCD monitor
    For inspection and observation of hard-to-see places! Equipped with a CMOS camera with high-brightness LED equivalent to dustproof and waterproof IP67 and a large 3.5-inch LCD color monitor. With the high-brightness LED (with 2 tips), you can see while maintaining the brightness even in a dark pl... Read More
    Operating Temperature Range (℃)  0~45  Cable Length (m)  Power Supply  1 x 9V alkaline battery  Dimension (mm)  215×156×96  Operating Humidity Range  5% to 95% RH (no condensation)  Lens  60°  Sensor  CMOS sensor  Screen specifications  TFT color 
    from S$539.90
    Min. 2 days
  5. Convex tough gear with SD holder
    Shinwa Rules Convex tough gear with SD holder
    Equipped with a belt holder and fall prevention cord as standard equipment. Equipped with a shock absorbing protector. Long-life nylon coated tape. Convex used for length measurement, etc. * Depending on the delivery location, the delivery date may be postponed and additional shipping charges may... Read More
    Tape Width (mm)  25  Material (Main Unit)  ABS resin  JIS Standard  First grade  Material (Tape)  Steel  Type  With lock 
    from S$38.99
    Min. 2 days
  6. Aluminum Hard Solder
    TRUSCO Aluminum Hard Solder
    It has excellent fluidity and a beautiful finish. Can be anodized. Aluminum and aluminum (aluminum to each other) for brazing only * Be sure to use the flux for aluminum hard wax (TRZ-201).
    Wire diameter (mm)  1.6  Tensile Strength (N/mm2 245  Trusco Part No.  329-1553  Length (mm)  500  Melting Point (℃)  580  Mass (g)  About 2.8  Material  Aluminum wax 
    from S$39.99
    Min. 2 days
  7. Aluminum Hard Solder
    Shinfuji Burner Aluminum Hard Solder
    It has excellent fluidity and a beautiful finish. For exclusive use with aluminum brazing. Flux (RZ-201) is required.
    Trusco Part No.  376-9178  Mass (g)  25  Operating Temperature (℃)  580  Diameter x Length (Φmm x mm)  2.0×300  Wire Diameter Φ(mm)  2.0  Length (mm)  300 
    from S$11.99
    Min. 2 days
  8. Aluminum Solder
    Shinfuji Burner Aluminum Solder
    The melting point is low and the work is relatively easy. Can be used for brazing aluminum and dissimilar metals. Flux (RZ-203) is required.
    Trusco Part No.  376-9194  Operating Temperature (℃)  380  Length (mm)  300  Wire diameter (mm) 
    from S$22.99
    Min. 2 days
  9. Aluminum Solder
    TRUSCO Aluminum Solder
    The melting point is low and the work is easy. Brazing of aluminum and aluminum and aluminum and different metals (iron, stainless steel, etc.). * Be sure to use the flux for aluminum solder (TRZ-203).
    Wire diameter (mm)  2.0  Tensile Strength (N/mm2 294  Trusco Part No.  329-1561  Melting Point (℃)  380  Length (mm)  500  Mass (g)  About 10  Material  Zinc alloy 
    from S$149.90
    Min. 2 days
  10. Easy welding kit
    Asahi Engineering Easy welding kit
    A simple welding kit that does not require equipment and allows you to work quickly anywhere with a gas burner. For welding and repair of aluminum.
    Mass (g)  637  Rod Diameter (Φmm)  Trusco Part No.  836-6217  2018 Trusco page  7 0341  Length (mm)  450 
    from S$159.90
    Min. 2 days
  11. Aluminum hard wax for beginners
    Shinfuji Burner Aluminum hard wax for beginners
    The industry's first wax material with built-in flux! Suitable for easy and powerful piping work. Just add wax to the heated base material. With stationary brazing is also possible.
    Rod Diameter (Φmm)  1.6  RoHS Directive  10 substances  Tensile Strength (N/mm2 245  Length (mm)  300  Working temperature range (℃)  580  Outer Dimensions (mm)  Φ1.6×300 
    from S$9.79
    Min. 2 days
  12. Powder brazing material
    Shinfuji Burner Powder brazing material
    By applying brazing material to the joints in advance, it is not necessary to determine the melting point, so even beginners can easily braze. The brazing finish is beautiful, and the extra use of brazing material can be suppressed. Since the wax material and flux are mixed as much as they are us... Read More
    RoHS Directive  10 substances  Included Accessories  With stirring spatula 
    from S$17.99
    Min. 2 days
  13. Roll Solder Wire
    HAKKO Roll Solder Wire
    Lead-containing lead has a low melting point and good solder fluidity. Soldering reliability is high, and it is still the mainstream in the aviation business and space-related businesses. With tar
    Standard  JIS Z 3282 A class equivalent  Type  RA 
    from S$15.99
    Min. 2 days
  14. 360-degree joystick industrial endoscope
    THANKO (Electronics) 360-degree joystick industrial endoscope
    The "tip 360 degree joystick industrial endoscope" is a 360 degree movable industrial endoscope with a tip camera diameter of 6 mm. The tip camera moves smoothly with stick operation, and you can adjust the camera to the place you want to check at will. The flexible cable with a cable l... Read More
    Cable Length (m)  Body dimensions (width W x height H x depth D) (mm)  105×245×90  Focal Length (mm)  10~100  Viewing Angle  120 degrees  Illuminance (Lx)  20000  Display  3.5 inch TFT  Battery Capacity (mAh)  3300  Mass (g)  392 (including cable)  Battery Voltage (V)  4.2  Number of Pixels  450,000 pixels  Resolution  640×480(VGA)  Interface  AV-out、microUSB、microSD  Recharging Time (hours)  About 6  Continuous Operation Time  About 6 hours  White Balance  Automatic  Power Supply  Charge from AC adapter  Battery  Lithium battery  contrast  Manual  Camera specifications  Tip 6mm 
    from S$3,599.00
    Min. 2 days
  15. For Nobel only  Photo-curing resin  White (500g  ×  2)
    XYZprinting For Nobel only Photo-curing resin White (500g × 2)
    A versatile standard standard resin. It has moderate hardness and is ideal for prototype production. You can choose from 5 color variations to suit your various needs.
    Operation Environment  18~28℃ / 64.4~82.4℉;  Output level  Suitable Models  Nobel 1.0 / Nobel 1.0 A 
    from S$249.90
    Min. 2 days
  16. Precision vise (lift prevention function)
    TRUSCO Precision vise (lift prevention function)
    It is possible to maintain accuracy for a long period of time. Precision finish of total quenching and total polishing.
    Material  SK-2  Hardness HRC  56~58  Parallelism (within ± mm)  0.005/100mm  Right Angle Accuracy (within +/-mm)  0.005/100mm 
    from S$459.90
    Min. 2 days