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  1. Band Saw
    The table can be tilted up to 45 °. Blade feed speed stepless adjustment type. You can use a household vacuum cleaner for dust collection. Ideal for cutting iron, non-ferrous metals, synthetic resins, wood, etc. * Continuous use beyond the rated time may cause a malfunction of the motor, etc. Ple... Read More
    Power Consumption (W)  100  Power Cable (m)  Table Dimensions (mm)  200×200  Outer dimensions, Width W x Height H x Depth D (mm)  395×490×285  Frequency (Hz)  50/60  Mass (kg)  Rated Voltage (V)  AC100  Included Accessories  K-100-2 spare blade x 1, angle guide  cutting height (mm)  Up to 75 
    from S$779.90
    Min. 2 days
  2. Band Saw Spare Blade
    PROXXON Band Saw Spare Blade
    * Both wood and metal materials can be cut. The content that is most suitable for the application is specified.
    Suitable Model  Mini Band Saw (No.28170, No.28172) 
    from S$27.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Mini Band Saw (For Woodworking Metalwork)
    PROXXON Mini Band Saw (For Woodworking Metalwork)
    Compact and safe design that can cut up to 80 mm thick wood
    Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  395×280×480  Cutting Capacity, Wood (mm)  (Hard wood) 50, (soft wood) 80  Power Input (V)  100(50/60Hz)  Power Consumption (W)  100  Cutting capacity (mm) copper  15  Suitable Material  For brass, aluminum, woodworking  Rated usage time (minutes)  15  Cutting Capacity, Aluminum (mm)  20  Mass (kg)  5.5  Saw Blade Peripheral Speed (m/min)  130-200 with speed control  Cutting capacity (mm)  10 
    from S$779.90
    Min. 2 days
  4. Band saw 32F
    ASADA Band saw 32F
    Since it is a dry type, 100V, and portable type, it can be easily cut anywhere. Despite its compact size, it can cut up to 300A. Since the oil damper method applies a constant cutting load, high-precision right-angle cutting is possible. You can also cut at a 45 ° angle. The material can be set q... Read More
    Mass (kg)  114  Dimension (mm)  1530×620×640  Trusco Part No.  852-2742  cutting angle (°)  90/45  Type of Vise  Flat vise  Cutting Capacity (mm)  [Square pipe] □ 300 / □ 200  Cutting Capacity  [Steel pipe] 300/175 A  Cutting Capacity (Φmm)  【Round bar】 150 /- 
    from S$14,990.00
    Min. 2 days
  5. Band saw
    LENOX Band saw
    The cutting edge has excellent impact resistance and stable performance. Ideal for cutting small and medium-sized shaped steel and structural steel.
    Suitable for  Hitachi CB20, high-speed DS2750  Length (mm)  2750  Thickness (mm)  0.9  Material  Classic (high-speed cobalt 8-8.3%) 
    from S$559.90
    Min. 2 days
  6. Band Saw (with Base)
    BOSCH Band Saw (with Base)
    With the strongest power in its class, the fastest speed cutting! Handheld and flush cutting is OK! With the strongest motor in its class of 850W, it cuts quickly, quietly and cleanly! Equipped with the only flush cutting position! Supports work that could not be done before! * Safety Precautions... Read More
    Dimensions, Width W x Height H x Depth D (mm)  716×642×332  Power Input (V)  100(50/60Hz)  Trusco Part No.  819-0287  Saw Blade (mm)  1140×12.7×0.5  Mass (kg)  28.1  Power Consumption (W)  850  Rotational Speed (min -1 [rpm])  61~230  Carbon Brush Nominal Number  1619PA8872  Cable Length (m)  2.5 
    from S$1,399.00
    Min. 2 days
  7. Contour machine Bimetal PM
    NACHI (NACHI-FUJIKOSHI) Contour machine Bimetal PM
    Suitable for automatic cutting of SUS, SKD and difficult-to-cut deformed materials.
    Thickness (mm)  0.9  Overall Length (m)  30  Type  Bimetal  Material  Cobalt high speed (high speed steel) PM 
    from S$589.90
    Min. 2 days
  8. Bimetal blade
    PROXXON Bimetal blade
    Can cut thin stainless steel plates. Cutting iron plate and wood * For Proxon Mini Band Saw only
    Specification  Quantity  1 piece  Number of Threads  10/14  Dimension (mm)  6 width × 1060 circumference  Material  Bimetal  Object of Cutting  Iron plate, wood  Suitable Model  Mini Band Saw (No.28170, No.28172) 
    from S$89.99
    Min. 2 days
  9. Band Saw Blade for Contour Machine
    Funasaw Band Saw Blade for Contour Machine
    A general-purpose blade that can be used for a wide range of purposes. The most common contour machine saw blade made of high carbon tool steel, which has excellent wear resistance, durability and toughness, and is suitable for cutting soft hard materials, metals, non-ferrous metals, plastics, et... Read More
    Length (m)  30  Type  For cutting ordinary steel  Suitable for  Contour machine  Thickness (mm)  0.635 
    from S$129.90
    Min. 2 days
  10. 1425x12.7mm / 14 / 18T Metal Band Saw (5)
    ESCO 1425x12.7mm / 14 / 18T Metal Band Saw (5)
    Esco Part No.  EA841XH-10 
    from S$269.90
    Min. 2 days
  11. Desktop Band Saw
    Kyocera (formerly RYOBI power tool) Desktop Band Saw
    Easy-to-use small band saw High power 320W Connects to a dust collector with a built-in overload protection device for clean work * The logo will be switched to [KYOCERA] in sequence depending on the manufacturer's distribution inventory. Thank you for your understanding when purchasing.
    Table Tilt Angle (°)  0-45 (right)  Mass (kg)  13  Cable Length (m)  Table Dimensions (mm)  292×292  Power Consumption (W)  320  Trusco Part No.  336-9145  Current (A)  Power Input (V)  Single phase 100 
    from S$449.90
    Min. 2 days
  12. Round Blade Cutter 28mm
    KAI Round Blade Cutter 28mm
    Blade Diameter (Φmm)  28  Mass (g)  45  Trusco Part No.  288-0997 
    from S$14.99
    Min. 2 days
  13. Rolling Cutter
    NT Cutter Rolling Cutter
    A rolling cutter that can freely cut cloth and film. Rolling type that rolls and cuts a round blade. Three types of blades, a round blade, a skip blade, and a wave blade, are included in the set. For cutting cloth and leather
    Dimensions (Length L x Width W x Thickness) (mm)  125×37×21  Blade Diameter (Φmm)  28  Mass (g)  40  Material (Main Unit)  ABS resin  Replacement Blades  BR-28P,BW-28P,BS-28P  Color (Body)  Red 
    from S$12.99
    Min. 2 days
  14. Tabletop circular saw
    HOZAN (HOZAN TOOL INDUSTRIAL) Tabletop circular saw
    Diagonal cutting is possible by adjusting the angle of the blade. The rotation speed can be adjusted steplessly. A disc cutter for K-110 (K-110-1 / 2) can also be used. Various cutting processes can be performed by setting the guide. For cutting many materials such as metal, resin, wood, and subs... Read More
    Rated Time (minutes)  15  Power Cable (m)  Power Consumption (W)  200  Rotational Speed (min -1 [rpm])  3500~6000  Mass (kg)  5.8  Frequency (Hz)  50/60  Rated Voltage (V)  AC100 
    from S$779.90
    Min. 2 days
  15. Portable band saw for stainless steel
    TRUSCO Portable band saw for stainless steel
    We use materials made by Bahco of Sweden, which boasts a tradition of 100 years. Excellent rigidity that combines hardness and flexibility. High-precision and speedy work is possible, making it ideal for heavy cutting. For cutting difficult-to-cut materials such as general steel and stainless steel.
    Number of Threads  6/10  Material  Cobalt high-speed bimetal  Width (mm)  27  2018 Trusco page  5 0829 
    from S$679.90
    Min. 2 days
  16. Rotor band saw
    FUJI GRINDING WHEEL MFG Rotor band saw
    Uses a powerful motor (7A) and has low noise. Two-speed (high speed / low speed) with a safe double insulation structure.
    Power Input (V)  AC100  Included Accessories  Safety cover, saw blade 1140 x 18 piles  Trusco Part No.  465-0522  Mass (kg)  6.7  Cutting Capacity, Round Bar (mm)  Φ40  Cable Length (m)  2.5  Cutting Capacity, Pipe (mm)  (Square) 120 × 115, (Round) Φ120 
    from S$1,199.00
    Min. 2 days
  17. Band saw
    ESCO Band saw
    from S$47.99
    Min. 2 days