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  1. Silicon Tubing
    TIGERS POLYMER Silicon Tubing
    * There may be a description made by ARAM, but there is no doubt that it is made by Tigers Polymer.
    Tensile Strength (MPa)  11.8  Elongation (%)  530  Hardness (Durometer A)  54  Material  Silicon rubber  Hue  Translucent 
    from S$1.29
    Min. 2 days
  2. Torque Wrench
    TONE Torque Wrench
    Safe professional use that can be used in automobile maintenance shops. Comes with a rubber ring to prevent dust and dirt. You can check it with a light vibration and a clicking sound. With a reliable calibration certificate. Vehicle maintenance and various machines
    Minimum Scale (Nm)  Mass (kg)  1.72  Square Drive (mm)  12.7  Torque Adjustment Range (Nm)  40~140  Overall Length (mm)  530  Calibration Certificate  Compliant  Type  Preset type  Head Shape  Ratchet shape  Included Accessories  With calibration certificate of trust  Accuracy (%)  ±4 
    from S$169.90
    Min. 2 days
  3. Torque Wrench Set
    EMERSON Torque Wrench Set
    Check safety by checking the torque of wheel nuts, etc. !! Preset type This product is for tightening only. Please do not use it for loosening.
    Initial Torque Value (Normal Temperature) N・m(kgf・cm)  103[10.5]  Square Drive (mm[inch])  12.7[1/2]  Mass (kg)  2.3  Torque Adjustment Range (Nm)  40~200  Overall Length (mm)  465  Package Size (mm)  500×83×73  Type  Preset type  Head Shape  Ratchet shape  Load Direction  Right  Main Application  Vehicle maintenance and various machines 
    from S$84.99
    Min. 2 days