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Drain cover hook featured products

  1. Washing machine drain trap
    MIYAKO Washing machine drain trap
    A stylish form with a cover that covers the entire body and rubber elbow. Until now, rubber elbows were difficult to clean because they were difficult to wipe off, but since the Kuruba is covered with a cover, it is easy to clean. The hose hook can be hooked on the cover to prevent water leakage ... Read More
    Continuous Use Temperature (℃)  40  Heat Resistance Temperature (℃)  60  Included Accessories  Band, inner, cap, screw  Material  Body: ABS, Elbow: TPO 
    from S$38.99
    Min. 2 days
  2. Manhole Cover and Drain Grate lifting Hook
    MonotaRO Manhole Cover and Drain Grate lifting Hook
    You can easily lift the grating and manhole lids. For opening lids for manholes and gratings * Do not use for any other purpose. * Some manholes and gratings may not be available. Please check the tip size of the product before purchasing.
    Lifting Capacity (kg)  500  Finish  Nickel plating  Material  Steel 
    from S$8.39
    Min. 2 days
  3. Manhole Cover lifting Hook
    TRUSCO Manhole Cover lifting Hook
    Used when removing the manhole lid.
    Overall Length (mm)  310  Mass (g)  640  Width (mm)  (Hand) 110  Trusco Part No.  416-2579 
    from S$29.99
    Min. 2 days
  4. Rattan wall hanging + basket
    TAKASHO Rattan wall hanging + basket
    Natural rattan wall hanging. With steel inner frame. The inside is covered with a vinyl sheet. (There is a drain hole on the bottom.)
    Mass (g)  0.5  Included Accessories  2 S hooks  Width (mm)  350  Mass (kg)  About 0.5  Color  Body: Natural color, Hook: Silver  Size  L size  Capacity (L)  Sat: about 4 (standard) 
    from S$17.99
    Min. 2 days
  5. Saddle with VP stand
    MIRAI INDUSTRY Saddle with VP stand
    The VP pipe and drain pipe can be floated and fixed from the wall surface. Since the cover and base are split, the base can be attached in advance. The height of the saddle with VP stand can be adjusted by stacking spacers.
    Suitable for  For VP pipe and drain pipe 
    from S$11.99
    Min. 2 days
  6. Belt hook tool
    MonotaRO Belt hook tool
    A dedicated auxiliary tool used when attaching drive belts for automobiles and machinery. If you use this belt hooking tool, you can easily attach and detach the single drive belt, so you can shorten the work time. You can also inspect the V-belt and timing belt in the engine room. Since the shap... Read More
    Shank Diameter (Φmm)  6.5  Height (mm)  25 (tip)  Handle Diameter (Φmm)  30  Distance between axes (mm)  20  Overall Length (mm)  690 
    from S$9.89
    Min. 2 days
  7. Fine Drain Grate lifting Hook
    Kataoka Sangyo Fine Drain Grate lifting Hook
    Specification  With non-slip  Handle Width (mm)  105  Overall Length (mm)  210 
    from S$14.99
    Min. 2 days
  8. Belt hook tool
    KTC Belt hook tool
    A hook with a round shaft facilitates belt replacement and makes it difficult to damage the new belt. One type (Serpentaine) long belt that is wide and difficult to replace can be replaced quickly. With a long overall length of 660 mm, it is effective for models with a deep engine room such as 1B... Read More
    Mass (g)  200  Dimension D (mm)  34  Dimension l (mm)  540  Dimension d (mm)  Dimension L (mm)  660  Trusco Part No.  823-0756 
    from S$36.99
    Min. 2 days
  9. AZ-58700 rain suit (B-10)
    AITOZ AZ-58700 rain suit (B-10)
    Rainwear with a refreshing mesh lining that is excellent in function and price. The front zipper has double drainage on the outside and inside. With reflective tape on the back of the upper garment, Both jacket and pants are deeply folded to prevent rain stains. Adjustable cuffs with inner rubber... Read More
    Water pressure resistance (mmH2O)  10000  Mix Rate (%)  PVC coating, (mesh) 100% polyester  Set Contents  Up and down 
    from S$96.99
    Min. 2 days
  10. Seat Cover Finetex Rear Seat
    BONFORM Seat Cover Finetex Rear Seat
    Waterproof sheet cover that is resistant to scratches and dirt Convenient in various situations! Easy to install just by putting it on!
    Material  (Table) Polyester, (Back) PVC coating  Height (mm)  1250  Width (mm)  1500  Color  Black  Type  For rear seats 
    from S$33.99
    Min. 2 days
  11. NEW World Car Body Cover Ox
    unicar industries NEW World Car Body Cover Ox
    A full-scale body cover using the thick fabric of Ox 300D. It has excellent durability compared to toughers. A general-purpose body cover that can cover everything from domestic cars to imported cars. Equipped with a one-touch wind jump prevention belt near the front and rear bumpers. On the sewn... Read More
    from S$189.90
    Min. 2 days
  12. Sierra Cup Cookware Set
    CAPTAIN STAG Sierra Cup Cookware Set
    For Captain Stag Shera Cup 320ml. Active in solo camps, touring, and family camps. A convenient item that can be used at home. Grated radish, grated condiments, drainer of vegetables, egg separator, slicer and a set of cookers that can be used for various cooking.
    Dimension (mm)  125×125×45  Mass (g)  40  Color  Clear black 
    from S$21.99
    Min. 2 days
  13. Nonwoven Car Cover with Adjustable Band
    OHTSUKA BRUSH MFG. Nonwoven Car Cover with Adjustable Band
    With adjustment parts, it is possible to adjust with a rubber cord. It can be covered with a single touch, such as when curing work at construction sites or other construction sites, or when storing a car outdoors. * Adjusting the elastic cord with the adjusting parts makes it stronger against th... Read More
    Material  Polypropylene 
    from S$33.99
    Min. 2 days
  14. Poly Car Cover L with Adjuster
    OHTSUKA BRUSH MFG. Poly Car Cover L with Adjuster
    RoHS directive (corresponding to 10 substances)  Correspondence 
    from S$18.99
    Min. 2 days
  15. Washing cover for top case
    ASADA Washing cover for top case
    For cleaning indoor units of air conditioners packaged for heaven. Eliminates dirt, foul odors, and reduced cooling and heating capacity inside the air conditioner. Excellent durability. Can be used 100 to 200 times repeatedly. Adjustable from small to 10 horsepower with one piece.
    Type  For heaven  Trusco Part No.  829-1497 
    from S$219.90
    Min. 2 days
  16. Oil Filter for Imported Automobile
    MANN-FILTER Oil Filter for Imported Automobile
    It is a reliable brand that has been genuinely adopted in Europe. In European cars, the drain bolt has recently become a disposable original, but the included one is also set in the MANN-FILTER, which is very convenient. * Drain bolts are included only with HU8002XKIT , HU816ZKIT, and HU6015ZKIT.... Read More
    from S$9.89
    Min. 2 days