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Induction electric motor featured products

  1. ASTERO Induction Motor
    Sumitomo Heavy Industries ASTERO Induction Motor
    The motor and gear head have an easy-to-use separate structure. Customers can freely assemble the gear head by themselves. Induction motor / The most widely used gear motor. Used for driving at a constant speed. Leverable motor / Gear motor that can instantly switch the direction of rotation. Use... Read More
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  2. New G Series Small Geared Motor (Induction Motor)
    Panasonic New G Series Small Geared Motor (Induction Motor)
    A motor suitable for continuous operation in one direction. The time rating is a continuous rating. The domestic specification motor uses heat resistant class 120 (E). Since it is a condenser type induction motor, it has high efficiency and low noise. When the induction motor rotates in the forwa... Read More
    Output (kW)  0.01  Starting Torque (Nm [kgfcm]) (50/60Hz)  0.064 /0.064  Rated torque (N.m) (50 / 60Hz)  0.075/0.060  Rated Current (A)  0.14/0.13  Starting Current (A)  0.2/0.2  Module  0.5  Mass (kg)  0.84  Capacitor Capacitance (μF)  1(400V)/1(400V)  Rated speed (min -1 [rpm]) (50 / 60Hz)  1250/1575  Voltage (V)  200/200  Rated Input (W)  27/27  Number of Poles  Frequency (Hz)  50/60  Number of Teeth  Outer Dimensions, Width W x Depth D x Height H (mm)  70×102×74  Rated Time (minutes)  Continuous  Type of Sign  Flange mounting  Type  Induction motor  Shape of Shank  Round shaft  Power Supply  Single phase / AC  Size (mm)  □70 
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