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  1. Scotch Brite Industrial Pad
    3M Scotch Brite Industrial Pad
    You can polish even the slightest irregularities and even the corners of narrow spaces. Do not over-shave the surface of the object to be polished. There is no clogging like sandpaper. The fibers are hard to break and can be used many times. A smooth and uniform polished surface can be obtained. ... Read More
    Dimension (mm)  115×150 
    from S$2.49
    Min. 2 days
  2. Scotch Brite Industrial Pad 7447
    3M Scotch Brite Industrial Pad 7447
    It is a polishing pad that has a track record of nearly 40 years as a product made in Japan and has been supported by many people. With a high repeat rate, it has outstanding reliability and a sense of security. It is a standard product used for all purposes such as rust removal. Rust removal Scr... Read More
    Abrasive Grain Size  #320  Dimension (mm)  150×230  Abrasive  A (aluminum oxide)  Color  Red tea  Grade  VF 
    from S$3.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Scotch Brite Industrial Pad 8448
    3M Scotch Brite Industrial Pad 8448
    It is used for the same purpose as No.7447, but with a finer finish. It is used for cleaning finishes of other non-ferrous metals such as printed circuit boards. Fine finish
    Abrasive Grain Size  #400  Trusco Part No.  126-6381  Dimension (mm)  150×230  As ONE Part Number  2-7694-07  Mass (g)  32  Color  Green  Abrasive  S (silicon carbide)  Grade  SF 
    from S$57.99
    Min. 2 days
  4. Channel brush (type A)
    Industry Kowa Channel brush (type A)
    Type  A type 1 line  Dimension C (mm)  210  Head Shape  Type A 
    from S$5.59
    Min. 2 days