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Inkjet transparency film singapore featured products

  1. Handmade Sticker Film Label for Inkjet That Can be Peeled off Cleanly
    A-one Handmade Sticker Film Label for Inkjet That Can be Peeled off Cleanly
    A label with excellent printability on an inkjet printer. Ideal for making stickers! A label with excellent water resistance and light resistance. We use glue that can be firmly attached and peeled off cleanly, which is convenient when you want to replace the sticker or temporarily attach it.
    Label Thickness (mm)  0.1  Standard Thickness (mm)  0.15  Sheet Size (mm)  210×297  Label Size (mm)  210×297  Sheet Size  A4  Size  A4  Adhesive  Can be removed cleanly  Adhesive Type  Can be removed cleanly  Material  Polyester film  Compatible Printer  Inkjet (dye + pigment)  Suitable for  Inkjet (dye / pigment)  Margin  None  Paper Quality  Polyester film + inkjet coating  Label Shape  Square  Specification  Type that can be peeled cleanly  Imposition  Uncut  Color  White 
    from S$15.99
    Min. 2 days
  2. Surface protection film SPV-202R
    Nitto (Nitto Denko) Surface protection film SPV-202R
    SPV-202R is a surface protection material based on a soft polyvinyl chloride film. Suitable for processing metal plates and protecting them during transportation. As it is a strong adhesive type, it is also suitable for relatively strong processing. It has good oil resistance and can be used for ... Read More
    Tape Thickness (mm)  0.12  RoHS Directive  10 substances  Adhesion Strength (N/20mm)  2.7  Rewinding force  2.8(N/20mm)  Elongation (%)  200  Tape Length (m)  50  Tensile Strength (N/20mm)  65  Main Application  For surface protection  Base Material  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)  Adhesive  Rubber type  Adhesive Type  Strong adhesive  Color  White 
    from S$22.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. PRO Tape Eco-Pack Transparent Label
    KING JIM PRO Tape Eco-Pack Transparent Label
    Eco pack containing 10 tapes. We reduced the packaging material and made it an environmentally friendly set.
    Eco Mark Certification Number  17112045  Length (m)  Letter Color on Tape  Black  Letter  Black letters on transparent  Eco Mark Certification  Certification  Tape Color  Transparent 
    from S$119.90
    Min. 2 days
  4. PPC Color Paper (Common Paper) Forest Management Approved
    KOKUYO PPC Color Paper (Common Paper) Forest Management Approved
    An environmentally friendly product that uses forest management certified pulp. It is a color paper that can be used for various purposes such as document classification and cover. In addition to PPC copiers, it is compatible with various types of printers such as inkjet printers and thermal tran... Read More
    Thickness (mm)  0.09  Dimensions, Height x Width (mm)  297×210  Quantity  500 sheets  Basis Weight (g/m2 64  Size  A4  Material  FSC certified paper  Paper Quality  FSC certified pulp  Specification  Use of forest management certified pulp 
    from S$25.99
    Min. 2 days
  5. KB Paper (Common Paper / Forest Management Certification)
    KOKUYO KB Paper (Common Paper / Forest Management Certification)
    In addition to PPC copiers, it can be used for various types of printers such as inkjet printers, low-speed laser printers, and thermal transfer printers. It saves you the trouble of ordering and stocking special paper for each printer individually, and improves inventory efficiency. Since it is ... Read More
    Paper Thickness (mm)  0.09  Quantity  500 sheets  Basis Weight (g/m2 64  Whiteness (%)  80  Material  FSC mix certified paper  Paper Quality  Neutral paper 
    from S$7.39
    Min. 2 days
  6. Laminated pouch film
    Fujipla Laminated pouch film
    Thickness (μm)  100 
    from S$5.59
    Min. 2 days
  7. Removable & Strong Adhesive Double-sided Tape No.5000NS
    Nitto (Nitto Denko) Removable & Strong Adhesive Double-sided Tape No.5000NS
    Due to the tough tape strength, the material is torn off and there is no need for troublesome work to remove the tape! Uses an adhesive with little adhesive residue. Has excellent adhesive performance! For bonding OA equipment such as printers and copiers, cushioning materials and sealing materia... Read More
    Tape Thickness (mm)  0.16  Adhesion Strength (N/20mm)  16.0  Holding Power (mm/h)  2.0  Tensile Strength (N/10mm)  20  Adhesive Strength (N/10mm)  8.55  Adhesive  Acrylic  Main Works  Large surface material, parts  Base Material  Non-woven  Adhesive Materials  PP・PE  Re-peeling  Possible  Adhesive Type  Strong adhesive 
    from S$4.29
    Min. 2 days
  8. Needleless Stapler (Harinacs) (12 Desktops)
    KOKUYO Needleless Stapler (Harinacs) (12 Desktops)
    One-place binding type with a high degree of freedom. You can freely bind the corners and the two places firmly. The binding hole is also oriented sideways so it does not interfere with the document. Since it can be locked with the handle lowered, it can be stored compactly. The depth of the bind... Read More
    Hole Size (Φmm)  (Binding hole) 5.5 × 10.5  Length (mm)  (Binding hole) 8.5, 13 (2 steps)  Number of Page  (Binding) About 12 sheets of PPC paper  Color  Black 
    from S$53.99
    Min. 2 days
  9. Copy Paper High White
    MonotaRO Copy Paper High White
    High white type Compatible with general copiers, low-speed laser printers, and plain paper facsimiles. * Product specifications and package design are subject to change without notice.
    Basis Weight (g/m2 64  Paper Thickness (μm)  89  Whiteness (%)  About 92  Paper Quality  Neutral paper  Color  White 
    from S$5.79
    Min. 2 days
  10. Campus Binders (Smart Rings) with 10 sheets
    KOKUYO Campus Binders (Smart Rings) with 10 sheets
    A slim and light binder that fits neatly into a slim size / bag that is convenient to carry. You can easily carry it with you when you go out. Adopted a new mechanism binding smart ring that can be folded back and the cover rotates 360 degrees. Since it can be folded back, it does not take up spa... Read More
    Type  Vertical type 
    from S$7.29
    Min. 2 days
  11. Plastic Bag with Zipper (0.04mm)
    SWAN Plastic Bag with Zipper (0.04mm)
    Convenient polyethylene zipper bag For organizing small items * Do not use for liquids.
    Thickness (mm)  0.04  Applicable Standard  Compliant with Food Sanitation Act  Material  LDPE  Index Frame  None  Type  Plastic bag with zipper  Color  Transparent 
    from S$4.79
    Min. 2 days
  12. Magnetic sheet white board type
    Nakabayashi Magnetic sheet white board type
    A type that can be erased with a whiteboard marker. You can cut it with scissors. The main body uses an environmentally friendly olefin resin. Glossy
    Dimension (mm)  100×300×0.8  Type  Whiteboard 
    from S$6.39
    Min. 2 days