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  1. Air curtain
    Panasonic Air curtain
    An air wall blocks the outside air at the entrance and exit of the store. Reduces heat loss during heating and cooling due to opening and closing of doors. It also suppresses the invasion of insects and dust. Four effects of air curtains "Cool and warm air blocking effect" "Dust bl... Read More
    Material (Fan Blade)  AS resin 
    from S$1,599.00
    Min. 2 days
  2. Air curtain member Ceiling mount
    Panasonic Air curtain member Ceiling mount
    * Used when hanging from the ceiling. * Attach the ceiling mount firmly so that it can withstand the mass of the air curtain. * It is dangerous if the ceiling is weak. It may also cause vibration, so reinforce it before mounting. * Please install directly on the ceiling. * Avoid places with vibra... Read More
    Color  White (Munsell 9YR8.4 / 0.5)  Mass (kg)  1.1  Material  SEHC 
    from S$74.99
    Min. 2 days