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  1. Insulated padlock for lockout
    Safe-Run Safety Supplies Insulated padlock for lockout
    Ideal for lockout in environments that require insulation. You can choose from a wide variety of colors. As a lockout * Do not use for any other purpose.
    Included Accessories  2 keys  Height (mm)  38  Shackle Thickness (mm)  Type  Hanging 38mm type 
    from S$23.99
    Min. 2 days
  2. Padlock for lockout (electrical)
    MasterLOCK Padlock for lockout (electrical)
    Shackle (vine) 6mm non-conductive, insulating material is used for lockout padlock with individual key specifications (individual key specifications = unlocking is not possible with keys other than the attached key). The main body is made of Zenex, a thermoplastic material that is resistant to co... Read More
    Width (mm)  38  bar length (mm)  38  Height (mm)  45  Padlock Shackle Diameter (Φmm)  Material (vine)  Insulating material  Language Display  Japanese 
    from S$45.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Cable lock
    MasterLOCK Cable lock
    It can be locked out anywhere with a stepless adjustable cable (patented). Ideal for locking out multiple circuit breaker panels and side-by-side gate valves. The cable is made of steel, sturdy and flexible, and has a clear plastic coating (insulated). Up to 4 padlocks can be attached. Labels (En... Read More
    Cable Length (m)  1.8  Thickness (mm)  33  Cable diameter (Φmm)  Body Height (mm)  69  Body width (mm)  73  Hole Diameter (mm)  Conform to  Number of padlocks supported: 4 
    from S$57.99
    Min. 2 days
  4. Airtight tank (with padlock and lid)
    NITTO KINZOKU KOGYO Airtight tank (with padlock and lid)
    With a padlock, it helps prevent theft and unauthorized use. By using the lever band, it can be opened and closed with one touch. Inner and outer surface buffing finish. Uses silicone rubber packing (Food Sanitation Law compliant product). Since it is a flat bottom type, there is no powder or liq... Read More
    Specification  Handle / Yes, with lid 
    from S$469.90
    Min. 2 days
  5. Gate Bar Block Out
    MasterLOCK Gate Bar Block Out
    Rising stem (valve rod rising type) Gate valve compatible. It can be locked in the ON or OFF position by covering the valve and locking it with a padlock. The unique rotation design (patented) makes it easy to install in tight spaces. Durable, lightweight and insulating, the Zenex thermoplastic b... Read More
    Hole Diameter (mm)  10 (for padlock) 
    from S$38.99
    Min. 2 days
  6. Pin Terminal with Insulating Sleeve
    Phoenix Contact Pin Terminal with Insulating Sleeve
    Phoenix Contact's bar terminals with insulating sleeves are made of flexible copper and have a tin-plated surface. This rod terminal has a high insulation effect even if the wires are densely packed during wiring. It also prevents the core wire from coming apart. The insulation sleeves are co... Read More
    Heat Resistance Temperature (℃)  (Long time) 105, (Short time) 120  Material  E-CU  Material (Sleeve)  Polypropylene  Sleeve Shape  Ring sleeve  Surface Treatment  Tin plating 
    from S$11.99
    Min. 2 days
  7. Sealed Tank with Padlock
    AS ONE Sealed Tank with Padlock
    It can be easily locked by simply inserting it into the hook hole of the lever band. It is useful for theft prevention, identification management, and unauthorized use prevention. Prevents the lever band from falling off due to impact during transportation.
    Included Accessories  Key x 2 
    from S$369.90
    Min. 2 days
  8. Environmentally Friendly Insulated Pin Terminals
    NICHIFU Environmentally Friendly Insulated Pin Terminals
    Compliant with RoHS 10 substances. It has a rated voltage of 600V and has excellent electrical insulation. The temperature range for using insulators is -40 ° C to 125 ° C. Since it is a non-halogen material (polycarbonate), it does not generate toxic halogen-based gas or corrosive gas during com... Read More
    Operating Temperature Range (℃)  -40~+120  Rated Voltage (V)  600  Material (Insulator)  Polycarbonate  Terminal Shape  Rod shape 
    from S$14.99
    Min. 2 days
  9. RS PRO insulated socket enclosure
    RS Pro RS PRO insulated socket enclosure
    Type of Sign  Surface mount 
    from S$35.99
    Min. 2 days
  10. Cooler box with key
    SANSYO Cooler box with key
    It is a simple sealed type and is ideal for transportation and short-term storage. With a padlock, it is safe to store.
    Capacity (L)  8.7  Effective internal dimensions (mm)  270×170×H180  Material  Body: PP, Insulation: Foam PS  Outer Dimensions (mm)  339×266×H226 
    from S$129.90
    Min. 2 days
  11. CL Type Box
    A corner handle that can be easily opened and closed (it has a strong sealing force and can be locked with a padlock). Stable and highly airtightness is maintained by using urethane foam packing. The body corner mating part is fully welded. The coating is a powder coating that has excellent durab... Read More
    Protection Class  IP65 
    from S$129.90
    Min. 2 days
  12. Crimping Tool (Manual)
    NICHIFU Crimping Tool (Manual)
    A pressure regulation device (ratchet) is attached to prevent insufficient crimping. For connecting crimp terminals to electric wires
    from S$249.90
    Min. 2 days
  13. Crimp terminal bar type with insulation coating
    TRUSCO Crimp terminal bar type with insulation coating
    Mass (g)  30  Type  Crimp terminal with insulation coating  Terminal Shape  Ferrule / bar shape 
    from S$10.99
    Min. 2 days
  14. Super cool cooler BOX Magic tape type
    TRUSCO Super cool cooler BOX Magic tape type
    It is a super cold insulation type that keeps cold for a long time using 30mm heat insulating material (polyethylene foam inside). (Normal cooler back is 5-8mm) It is foldable and lightweight. Cleaning is easy because the aluminum sheet inside can be removed. Comes with a non-woven bag for storag... Read More
    Mass (kg)  1.87  Storage Guideline  32 500mL PET bottles  Height (mm)  340  Capacity (L)  35  Length (mm)  380  Width (mm)  470  Trusco Part No.  769-0916  Effective Internal Dimensions, W x D x H (mm)  About 420 × 310 × 280 
    from S$149.90
    Min. 2 days
  15. Partitioning
    It is effective for energy saving measures such as windproof, dustproof, insect repellent, heat retention, and cold protection.
    Suitable for  D40  Diameter (mm) x Height (mm)  12×300  Material / Finish  Steel / Uniqlo 
    from S$25.99
    Min. 2 days
  16. AV Cord (Low Voltage Electric for Automobiles)
    SEIWA AV Cord (Low Voltage Electric for Automobiles)
    Vinyl insulation that is used for in-vehicle wiring (low-voltage electric circuit) for starting, charging, lighting, etc. of automobiles, and can exhibit stable performance even under adverse conditions of constant vibration and exposure to high temperature, cold, machine oil, wind and rain Elect... Read More
    from S$48.99
    Min. 2 days
  17. Iridium IX Plug for Two Wheeled Vehicle
    NGK Iridium IX Plug for Two Wheeled Vehicle
    Iridium IX is an iridium plug that can be replaced with a standard heat value mounting (new car mounting) plug. Combustion spreads faster than general plugs, and a thermo-edge is provided at the tip of the insulator to improve plug fouling. A high-value-added plug that enables ignition, accelerat... Read More
    from S$15.99
    Min. 2 days