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S1 pipet filler featured products

  1. S1 Pipet Filler
    SANSYO S1 Pipet Filler
    Equipped with a high-performance lithium battery. .. UV resistant housing, stand. With overcharge prevention function (about 20 hours on a full charge). The suction and discharge speeds are variable in 8 steps each. With own weight discharge mode (when discharge speed "0" is set). The n... Read More
    from S$769.90
    Min. 2 days
  2. For S1 Pipet Filler
    SANSYO For S1 Pipet Filler
    Color  White 
    from S$27.99
    Min. 2 days
  3. Pipette aid
    DRUMMOND Pipette aid
    Light and compact. With one charge, you can pipette about 1000 times for 2 hours continuously. Not autoclaved. Since there is no cord, pipette operation in a clean bench is easy. The nosepiece has been improved to be a screw type, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to replace the filter. ... Read More
    Remark  ─  TGK Part No.  800-12-13-01  Type  PA-400  Included Accessories  AC adapter with 4 TC filters  Recharging Time  7~8 
    from S$779.90
    Min. 2 days
  4. Pipette Filler (Pie Pump) PS
    TOHO Pipette Filler (Pie Pump) PS
    Pump type pipette controller. Fine adjustment is possible up to the micro range. The pipette holder uses a special elastic plastic to fit any pipette. Hold the body of the pie pump with your palm and turn the wheel with your thumb to suck and push it into the pipette. A small amount of dripping c... Read More
    Specification  With micro adjustment valve 
    from S$32.99
    Min. 2 days