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Clutch Spring

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Item Feature
Main Compatible Vehicle
Audio system (AF18 / 25/27/28/34/35), tact (AF24 / 30/31), (AF24)Giorno, (AF20) lead 50, (HF02) Broad 50, gyro canopy, (AF09) Super tact , (AF62) Dio Cesta (4ST), (AF68) Dio Cesta (4ST), Today (AF61 / 67)
It is not a strengthening spring.
Compatible Vehicle Model
(3KJ) helmet housing jog (JOG), (3RY) jog Sports 50 (JOG), (3YK7-9 / A / B) Super Jog ZR (JOG), (4JP / 4LV) priori / EX / TYPE-II, ( 5BM ) jog C (jOG), (3YK1-6) jog EX (jOG), (3YK1-6) jog Z (jOG), (3YK1-6) Super jog Z (jOG), (3YKB) Super jog ZR (jOG) , (3RY3) jog -Z (jOG), (5GD1) Joguposhe (jOG), (3YJ) jog (jOG), (5KN / 5SU1-2 )remote jog (jOG), (5PT / 5SW )remote jog -ZR ( jOG) (until SA16J-409999), (5EM) jog ZII (jOG), (5AU) Beano, (3CP) jog Sports (jOG), (3AA / 5DA ) BWS50, Champ / RS / CX, (3WF) jog 90 (jOG), jog 80 (jOG), Champ 80, Excel, Bokusun, (5XN1) jog BJ (jOG), (27V) jog (jOG), (48F) jog (jOG), (1HH) jog (jOG), (1KH) jog (jOG), (1RN) jog (jOG), (2EV) jog (jOG), (2JA) jog (jOG), (2TA) jog (jOG)
Compatible Exhaust Volume (cc)
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6 Customer Reviews
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From Japan
On 2019-01-07 20:23:49
Measure and see 31.1 mm one 0.1 mm plus two Compared to other reinforced items, the spring feels soft and how much is the pulling force? I do not know until I do not wear it In this case it is better than just genuine if it is a non-powerful class among the two striked cylinders and rings? I think Although it seems to be a bit strict if it says whether it can be used for 4 strike, we have some clutches that have already finished break-in, so I will put other items and return the muffler to genuine once and take the data If this is as good as it is, it is better to buy it while stock exists For the time being, a person with three clutch specifications should know that there is about 31 mm to hang and hit and force it too Maybe you only have to try it after checking it? I was told by a motorbike shop, but I have not checked the place to sell parts actually Things that you do not know without hearing or trying it to experienced people
4th JOG
From Japan
On 2016-03-23 19:25:45
Traveling feeling after installation. Spring winding part width 13.5 mm and thick but performance is normal hardness. There is no discomfort feeling attached to the genuine clutch, simple paint for identification? Although it is traveling only about 100 km, it does not appear to be peeled off inside the crankcase. It is also expendable items, durability, etc. It does not matter, but I do not think that it will be durable because the spring is thick. If you are looking for genuine hardness, it would be better to use genuine parts for the balance of the drive train, and the price does not change much. If it is an external goods clutch, it would be better to purchase the springs sold there. Mr. Monotaro, whatever the product, I think that it would be good if I describe the product dimension details as possible?
This review is about item#00106697.
It is not recommended for 4 horse powerless 4 st 50 cc scooters.
From Japan
On 2016-03-16 19:17:24
Spring winding part width is 13, 5 mm and thick. Although many compliant vehicles are described, should the matching clutch be limited? So be careful. Since the average size is 8.5 mm in spring winding part width, I think that it is genuineness as hard as it can not be adjusted by the drive system, it does not make sense even if only this is exchanged. If it is a website, like a motorcycle parts sales specialty store, please describe the product image and dimensions and at the shop that gives advice that "This spring is not recommended for ○ ○ vehicles, this model number if purchased" It is best to purchase. And the shop where you can see the actual thing. Shops dealing with anything, no matter what they do, it is not a big deal.
This review is about item#00106697.
Scooter drive system
From Japan
On 2016-03-16 14:00:14
It is not an enhanced product. Although it says, it is not as normal as normal appearance. Because it is somewhat rigid specification, if you think that it is genuine, it will be madly balanced. There are many cases not specifying the product size, although it is the thing of other makers, but it is not good unless you specify 10% up or other items detailed dimensions at the same time. Parts of series that can not be displayed in detail or unknown in detail can not be purchased from the monotail.
This review is about item#00106697.
Scooter parts
From Japan
On 2016-03-10 19:31:21
Although the image such as color certainly matched, the product label does not mention both a genuine equivalent product and reinforcement. I tried to install, but it seems to be a reinforced item looking at the hooked portions at both ends because it is slightly harder and thicker than normal. If it is a reinforced product, it will be too hard at the time of installation, so it will be difficult for you to have a normal tone? It is not a reinforced item, but it is not even a sense equivalent to a genuine spring. I can understand it at clutch meeting timing if I run. A white paint is like hiding the material to be peeled off when the tool comes into contact at the time of installation. When running, white paint peeling will be conspicuous inside the crankcase (lol) It is a cheap consumable part so do not mind the details. Because there are two clutch assy, ​​I purchased two sets, so I will understand the difference. Today I am not running with exchange only, so I will review the feeling at a later date.
This review is about item#00106697.
It was planned to be used for jog
From Japan
On 2014-10-11 12:52:04
I thought that it was a reinforced spring but I purchased it was a normal equivalent. Although there is no notation in the above, it is written as normal tone in the one that arrived. People who purchase thinking that it is a reinforced spring need attention, as the number of turns and thickness are different from those of images.
This review is about item#00106697.