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  • Noxudol Car Deadening

Noxudol Car Deadening 3100L1Poli

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Deadening material like a car audio, etc. Apply to inside of the door, inside of the bonnet, in the wheel housing, and underfloor. Available to use it not only for a car, but also for vibration sounds of machine and building material, duct, gutter,etc.
Please avoid driving part and fever part. Not available to be applied on the rust.
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8 Customer Reviews
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Car vibration control, soundproofing
From Japan
On 2016-07-12 08:56:51
Used for seismic isolation and sound insulation of luggage. I applied it to an iron plate with a thickness of 2 mm. Garlic is also good and thirst is so early that work is easy. Since it is a type painted with a brush, nothing ends without problems, the brush becomes clean with water. I do not feel dramatic change, but I think that it is good as a dumping agent.
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To prevent soundproofing, stepping stone etc inside the tire house of private car · ·
From Japan
On 2016-06-27 23:18:08
I bought a brush, so I will do my best and hand paint!
This review is about item#00198984.
Automobile door deadening
From Japan
On 2016-03-28 18:48:06
Used for automotive audio door deadening. It is applied to things of thick material such as hard paper on the inner sticking, outer panels where the deadening sheet is difficult to stretch, used for the reinforcing steel plate part. Even after hard hardening, the vibration damping performance will increase over 10 days. Ideal is realized by distinguishing it from the portion where the deadening sheet is easy to stretch. I think that some primer is necessary because it does not adhere to the inner stuck resin part, but there was no need to apply it.
This review is about item#00198984.
Sound insulation of car
From Japan
On 2015-12-07 19:41:07
It applied to the entire inner surface of the floor panel. It is a little consolidated whether it is the influence of the temperature (feeling like a putty mixed sand) Because it is water-soluble, it gets softer when adding a little water. (However, because thick coating is difficult, viscosity adjustment is carefully done.) The curing time (in the instruction manual) at the time of overcoating is 3 hours, but discoloration indicative of hardening at 2 to 30 minutes even at the temperature of 15 ℃ From blue to ivory) was seen, and it was possible to coat repeatedly. It took 3 hours to dry the tactile touch, and restoration of the floor mat was also possible. After 12 hours it is completely dry (hardened) and workability is very good. With this amount, a coating film about 2 mm thick could be applied to 4 m2. If you think that the tire house is sufficient enough with this one, if you expect further effects (if you are going to thicken it) I think that 2 is the proper amount. Although it is not measured by the numerical value, clearly there was the effect as expected. By the way, it can easily be washed away with water if it is completely cured.
This review is about item#00198984.
Sound insulation inside the tire house
From Japan
On 2015-10-18 18:08:35
As we used one tire house, the rainy day became much more quiet. Because it is beige color, it may have gotten quiet unnecessarily as it blew a black silent spray of Eamon after drying.
This review is about item#00198984.
Car deadening work
From Japan
On 2015-10-02 20:35:59
Although it will be used continuously for a long time, it has considerable soundproofing effect by applying it under the floor (outside) of the car. Synergistic effect can be expected by sandwich construction inside. (It is not double that saying.) Generally, when traveling in the rain, is it feeling that driving noise is quite low? It is not that sound completely disappears or it is not that the noise decreases significantly, but it feels quite quiet. Just ... once it got used to it. The drawback is whether the paint is difficult with a brush. It was a good feeling to paint with spatula or gloves.
This review is about item#00198984.
Countermeasure against running noise of car
From Japan
On 2014-10-20 21:59:13
Because soft butyl can not suppress low frequency, physiologically unpleasant muffled sound tends to be emphasized. Damping steel plate is effective, but it becomes heavy when sticking on the whole surface. If you hate to become heavier and disperse and attach small pieces of vibration damping steel plate, it is difficult to suppress the entire band evenly because the split vibration mode changes. In that respect, the coating / curing type Knoxdor reduced the total amount without complicating split vibration. Compared to other damping materials, the attenuation band is wide, so it is the greatest merit that it is difficult to produce habit or disgust. Therefore, it is also suitable for large resin parts with large area that easily split vibrations. Although the adhesive of the vibration damping steel plate deteriorates over time, it is one of the features that does not need such worry. The disadvantage is that it is inevitable to increase the weight correspondingly because it coats a wide area even if it is thinly applied. If you ignore the sound quality and effectively lower the sound pressure of running noise, it is a vibration control steel plate, but if you do not want to impair the original sound quality, the coating / curing type is a good choice.
This review is about item#00198984.
Car quiet up
From Japan
On 2014-08-02 17:53:17
I bought it after examining at various sites, but cost performance is enough. It was constructed on the plastic inside the tire house of the minicar's front wheel, but the road noise was reduced enough to make it realistic. I used it for overprinting, so I used it about half, but this time I am thinking to use it for the floor under the seat. This product was the cheapest for monotaro but I'm curious that the date arrived was late.
This review is about item#00198984.