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  • AC Fan Motor
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AC Fan Motor 109S086

4.32 (25)
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Item Feature
Frame: aluminum Blade: resin
Weight (g)
Working Voltage Range
Frame Thickness (mm)
Maximum Static Pressure (Pa) (50/60Hz)
Noise Value (dB)(50/60Hz)
Input Method
Rotation Speed (50 / 60 Hz) (min-1r.p.m)
Mechanism: Shading Motor Protection Method: Impedance protection
Insulation Voltage
AC50/60Hz 1500V 1 minute (between input terminals and frames)
50/60 Hz Input (W)
Operating Temperature Range (deg C)
-30 - +60
Voltage (V)
Speed Type
Frame Mounting Angle Diameter (mm)
Maximun Flow Rate (m3/min)(50/60Hz)
50/60 Hz Current (A)
0.14/0.12 (Constraint)0.15/0.13
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards. Please check the specification before you order.
Customer Reviews
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Review Rating: 4.32
25 Customer Reviews
The reviews are automatic translation.
Security rack air cooling fan
From Japan
On 2019-01-21 18:34:39
I purchased a low noise product for indoor use. Certainly it was quiet and hopeful. Because I put a radio in the rack, I really wanted a quiet fan.
This review is about item#37651311.
For iMac 27 inch cooling
From Japan
On 2018-08-28 17:41:14
Although it is not in the newest iMac, it uses a type with a slit that allows air from the cooling fan to escape. The power supply base is contained on the part from the right side as seen from the screen side. I will use this product as a cooling fan as that part becomes the most hot. Attach it so that it hangs using the stainless steel perforated stay. Why, say 200V product or 100V product as it is for household use 100V When used it produces quite a sound even at low speed products. 200 V power supply and 100 V power supply. This reduces the number of revolutions and makes the noise less likely to occur. I am actually using it now, but I can hardly hear the sound of the fans. The sound of the air condition dominates the noise of this room. 100V use of 200V fans has many actual results in other places. If it says that it is good if the air flows, it is usage that applies to everything.
This review is about item#37651302.
Ventilation in the kitchen sink
From Japan
On 2018-06-23 17:40:16
It is used for ventilation inside the sink of the kitchen, but it will be broken in about two years. Although I bought this product, but from the Oriental motor etc. to the air flow rate Rotating sound is noisy. I wonder if the price is different.
This review is about item#37651293.
Telecommunications industry
From Japan
On 2018-05-03 20:46:21
The sound is also quiet, orders come out at any time, and we are very satisfied with shipping items as soon as possible.
This review is about item#37651311.
Telecommunications industry
From Japan
On 2018-05-02 09:27:25
The sound is also quiet and can be ordered alone, shipping is also fast and I am very satisfied.
This review is about item#37651311.
Maintenance of soundproof room
From Japan
On 2017-03-10 14:53:21
I was looking for a mismatch of the one I used before for the soundproof room and it reached this. However, the noise was bigger than the one I used before, so I did not use it after all. Looking at the specifications, there was not much difference in noise, but it was surprisingly big when used, and it was not useful for speech recording. Although it may not be a problem in the factory etc., since it is used indoors, next time I will buy a fan with super quietness.
This review is about item#37651293.
Small room ventilation
From Japan
On 2017-02-15 22:24:23
Noise like bearings grounder is big 2 points. Because it is used like a small ventilation fan, I can stand it, but it is noise that many people feel unhappy in case of using purpose such as cooling equipment.
This review is about item#37651293.
Air compressor Always forced air blast Overheat countermeasure
From Japan
On 2016-06-14 15:16:45
Normal type is strong and low type is weak, and I tried both, and personally, I felt so if there was a gap.
This review is about item#37651311.
It is used for cooling electrical parts.
From Japan
On 2016-06-09 17:29:05
Cooling effect is sufficient with sufficient air volume, operation noise is not bothersome. It is satisfactory enough.
This review is about item#35102365.
Replacement with the AC fan that was attached to purchase equipment
From Japan
On 2016-02-08 10:34:29
More than 10 years ago, I replaced the AC fan that was attached to the equipment I had purchased because it was out of noise (noise). Since the mounting screw hole was small, it was replaceable without any problem except it spread to 4 mm. (It was not that much load to spread the screw hole.) Since the same AC fan is attached to the same equipment, we are considering replacing it at this time.
This review is about item#08584152.